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buckethead and ice cube or buckethead and eminem.
i wonder if buckethead will ever work with a rapper agood rapper not a girl you so fine.
does anyone know how old buckethead is?
the only part i like from the reanimator is when the chick is laying naked thats hot. ;D
i spoke to a crew member of buckethead at the hollywood show i asked him if buckethead will realease any other album he said 2 are coming this fall he only gave me one title reanimator .
even this hot girl said i was unique i was like wow,everyone asked me why i wear a hood all the time,actualy i was very insecure i\'m uncomfortable around people i get nervous.
i don\'t know but i can\'t get enough of secret recipe i want more old school footage i love it all but more.
i missed some praxis on the dvd some more pieces hoe videos.
"zuma dogg" <zumadogg@netzero.net

thats his email or check out www.zumadogg.com
Re: You Should Work With Buckethead
yeah, i know buckethead...of course i would work with him.  i\'m glad you think i should.  if you ever see him, tell him to holla at a real og..bzd.  thanks!
mainly i wanted to create a riot but i\'ll stop,i\'ll just come back a new dragonson.
i should stop posting and just read i\'d be better that way,i\'m gonna take a little vacation,i\'ll make a comeback with some real interesting topics.
dragonson should be ban i mean it everyone is against him.
veruca salt your mean >:(