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Like me and him we are both weird,but talented,we make sounds that drift us from all the common,we are from a planet the no one knows but only us,a place we play for dead souls,we live to the beyond,we exist and we make life more.
cobra strike love it hate it i love it thats all that matters. :)
Bucketheadland-Blue Prints
thank you many much travis,you are the coolest :)
to get to see art work is a treat and i can\'t wait to receive my pre-ordered copy,music like this deserves golden treatment,anatomize promises to be special in my heart,travis you are the most artistic natural thing i\'ve ever heard,your work gets and always will get my support.thanks :)
i found alot of buckethead videos on youtube.com some tasty treats like buckethead interview form mtv check it out bucketbots.
what do you think about rap?what do you think about american idol?
travis you should do a solo album keyboard and piano
i\'m a big fan of you and vince dicola and bernie worrell,so will you ever do a solo cd?
i\'d be the keyboardist i would add a sound of odyssey
i would be an alien for a character seeing as how i come up with these keyboard notes that sound like space i\'d be called k-pax.
other than the great buckethead,anybody like bill laswell\'s work like city of light,silent recoi.
for the download store.how about ben wa and other records like bucketheadland and pieces since i can\'t find either maybe you have these albums.
go to ion records.com you\'ll see at the bottom it will feature buckethead and bill laswell.