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whoa killer news travis!
AHH must pre-order but I am broke at the moment :\'(

Happy Birthday Travis! hope you have a great birthday! :)
haha snub I was wondering the same thing I like to think that there will be a killer follow up to dawn of the deli\'s with all those song. ;D :P
Great news travis I still need cobra strikeII I was wondering why everyone was saying it was oop but then amazon had it in there own store.Thanks for clearing it up 8)
aquabot man your in for a treat with elephant mans alarm clock, and anatomize, plus if you order colma! It will be a musical heaven
QuoteIt doesn\'t matter which one you buy first my friend. If you\'re like the rest of us, you\'re gonna end up with all of them. :P

hahaha exactly but like everyone else its either colma or population, population has a jazzy type feel to it which is nice and colma is great in everyway but like d6 said get elephant mans alarm clock if you dont have it.Its magical 8)
um I think your imagination is getting out of hand
dragon you need to like calm down seriously how old are you anyways your acting like a friggen little baby theres a modify button so you can add more to your post already but instead you just keep saying retarded things over and over and its senceless
nope were did you hear this?
dude it rips you are amazing
Yeah man Id be highly inerested in this or some of your work you wouldnt have to worry about it ending up on ebay I report people that do that just because its not fair to the artist or the taper :(
WOW!? You are amazing my friend that is insane footage you have there mad props to you.

(Bows Down were not worthy, were not worthy) :P
The cd isnt out of print if you read some of the other posts travis has even said so
Word. He has no right to call Veruca mean he was the one insulting in spanish slang and it back fired on him because someone knew what he said.Uncool Fool >:(