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I just wanted to thank Bucket and Trav for this again. You both go out of your way to make things possible for us fans. Its amazing. I hope I can pull together some money for this before they are gone :o
Dang, thats awesome! But I have no money as of right now. I hope they are still around when I get some dough. I guess I could sell something.
Get CCFH that is by far the heaviest. Colma is amazing acoustic. Electric Tears isn\'t a "colma 2" totally different and the same at the same time. Colma has drum beats and what not. Electric tears is straight forward guitar. Acoustic that is.
It should be there. Stuff from TDRS is amazingly fast.
I would get inbred mountain or elephant mans alarm clock before I would get Crime slunk scene. But thats just me.
How about these wedges, cant miss it. Its all reviews.
If you like population override you should look at the Thanatopsis stuff. I would Recommend Elephant mans alarm clock, Inbred Mountain, Crime Slunk Scene, and Peppers Ghost. All great. If you want reviews go to www.buckethead.tk register and there is a bunch!

Hope that helps
Thanks for everything Buck and Trav, I think I speak for everyone when I say we really appreciate it.
Some more noodles would be great ;D
Thank you Trev and phartacus for being the voices of reason in this thread! 8) I\'m glad to see that some people still have brains. Solar keeps comign up with more and more excuses why it is "ok" to steal when really its a load of crap. As for the 13 year old kid thing. Yeah it can hurt the artist. Thats also a load of crap. What if he likes it and takes the music. Tells his friend, his friend likes it, downloads all the albums. The kids parents like the music, and do the same thing. They tell their friends where they can get good music for free. It does hurt the artist. I am a student and I buy my buckethead material. If I dont have it then too bad I have to work for it if I want to hear it. I\'m not a lazy ass who sits around and finds ways to exploit laws so I can get away with stealing music from an artist I respect. The work is out there for you to make the money. you just have to be proactive.

oh by the way-
However, downloading a f**king Beatles album isn\'t morally wrong. They\'re all dead.
I am on the fence if I will pay because It\'s a CDR. I might just wait for the TDRS download or I may not.

I dont see that happening anyime soon. Its limited edition for a reason. If it was available for download people could burn their own disks them selfs and sell it off as the real deal. Yes they could do that now, but it would be alot cheaper and faster for them to just download it. Hence the fact that it is limited edition.
QuoteYo Keagan, you should get your facts straight. This is not a $200 album or cd. It is 13 cds that are $20 bucks apiece. If someone cant afford $20 for cd, they can get a job.

Actually my facts are straight, I was talking about the torrent of "in search of the" which had all 13 cds in one. I agree about the job part.
Yes, downloading music is against the law and very wrong, especially when done to small artists like Buckethead. It is disgraceful. However, downloading a f**king Beatles album isn\'t morally wrong. They\'re all dead. Downloading a $200 album isn\'t morally wrong either, if you\'re a broke 13 year old kid with shitty parents who wants to hear what the album sounds like.

^ Get your facts right before you run your mouth.

Theres also a diffirence of downloading to hear what someone sounds like, compared to 13 cds. Really if its 2 songs or somthing and it sparks your intrest to buy more great. But downloading 13 cds in one big package isnt "getting a taste". Basicly what you said is pure ignorance.
QuoteCoolwalking is the man!!!!

:o can\'t believe the generosity of this bot

True dat, what he has done is amazing.