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Choptop knows.

As for Sow Thistle, that\'s the one and only Bootsy Collins, baby.  

Mine showed up today.  Man, I love this album!  
Nice!  Thanks!  
Right now it\'s not on any releases that you can buy, unfortunately.  I don\'t even think bots know what it\'s called.   Someone please correct me if I\'m wrong.  Great track, eh?  You should pick up the Pepper\'s Ghost album if you haven\'t already, though.  It kinda sounds like this.      
"There\'s a pause, then Herbie says, \'He\'s scared of, uh, girls. He just gets a weird feeling. He doesn\'t understand the feeling that he gets.\'

Some sort of chick/chicken confusion, maybe?

\'That\'s a possibility,\' Herbie says. \'I\'ve never thought of that. And I\'m sure he hasn\'t, either.\'"

Big B -- er, sorry -- Herbie interview w/Kurt Loder
You could always try searching for it at  If you can\'t locate a CD/record/cassette there, you can\'t find it anywhere.  
I don\'t really listen to this one or Bucketheadland 2 at all.  Maybe I\'m in the minority, but I just prefer music to voice-overs and samples, most of which are pretty silly, let\'s face it.  I mean, the Park Theme is still great, but it kinda goes downhill from there IMO.  

But then again, I don\'t really listen to any of his early stuff at all -- for me the solo catalog pretty much begins with Giant Robot NTT, so take that as you will.  Of course the early Praxis albums are still great, though.          
I like Inbred Mt. better.  Of course EMAC is great, but IM is just one of the best albums ever.  It\'s more of a concept album, though, so you have to be ready to go on the ride, if you know what I mean.  
QuoteI too sort of lump Inbred, Kaleid, Elephant Man, Crime Sceen and Pepper\'s into one sort of "era". Due to style, timeframe, production, feel.

Hey, don\'t forget the album that kicked off the whole era, Island of Lost Minds!  

But yeah, you\'re totally right.  Is this the best Buckethead era of all?  I say yes!  
QuoteGiant Robot Japanese edition ? 2 CDs ?

Or... Bucketheadland ?

It probably was Bucketheadland, yeah.  I don\'t read Japanese, so I couldn\'t make out the title, only that it was a little older and 2 CDs so that makes sense.
Yep, there was a 15-min. break in between sets, also, That 1 Guy actually opened the show, he played for about 30-35 mins.  Show started at about 9:05p and ended at 1:15am!  This was including almost an hour in between the opening set and Bucket, which was really kind of painful.  I\'ve never had to wait so long in between sets at any show I\'ve ever been to (which is quite a few).  But of course it was well worth it!  

As far as merch goes, from memory there was:

Elephant Man\'s
Inbred Mt.
All 3 Thanatopsis
Japanese release of Giant Robot (2CD)
Cuckoo Clocks
13th Anniv. DVD
Electric Tears
Dawn of Deli Creeps

That\'s all I can remember of the media for sale, I\'m sure there was a bit more but there was also a whole slew of new T-shirts and they were almost all ones I\'d never seen before.  I would\'ve gotten one but I\'d already dropped $15 for Elephant Man\'s and couldn\'t afford another 20 for a shirt.  Next time around...  
So, I did see Buckethead and Friends live last night.  

Absolutely mind-blowing.  That 1 Guy was a great fit for the overall sound and a pretty fun entertainer to boot.  I never did find out what he calls that particular instrument and I\'ve never heard anything like it, either.  

Tons of new stuff played, hard to tell if they were new songs, improvisations or a combination of both, but either way the sound was amazingly good and the guys were in top form.  The band also played for a little over 2 1/2 hours!  

I simply can\'t say enough about the performance and skills of the amazing Bucket, even after all this time he still finds paths to explore that no one else can even conceive of.

And it was actually good ol\' Pinchface on drums, not the mysterious "Rene".  

This is one I\'ll be remembering for a long time.  Just, wow.
Oh, I\'m goin\' all right.  Just got tickets yesterday.  

Pretty cool that he\'s kicking off the tour in Lawrence, KS - I guess he likes us here now.      

Actually that\'s Les himself on drums on "Calling Kyle".  Brain is not actually on the Holy Mackerel recording, he was only on the tour.
So they really are full-length albums, and really are hand-drawn and lettered... wow.  

Thanks a lot for the revew of "I", looking forward to a breakdown of the rest of the discs!