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Unison is particularly good, I think.  It\'s something that can be played for and enjoyed by nearly anyone.
  Saturday, September 12, 2009
   Kansas City, MO  

Oh HELL yeah!!  

I\'m gettin\' to see Bucket, I\'m gonna see Bucket, WOOO!!  

This is his first show in KC since opening the Antipop tour for Primus way back in \'99!  
QuoteThanks for the help.  It still didn\'t work even after I changed every single file type that was for quicktime to windows media player.  Finally I decided that maybe it was a firefox problem so I tried in in internet explorer.  It worked in there.  So maybe it just has something to do with firefox.  Anyway, thanks so much for the help.  I really appreciate it.   ;D

Oh, geez.  I made the problem worse.  I sent someone to go use Internet Explorer instead of Firefox.  

Here we go:

for Firefox 2:
Tools -> Options -> Content button, click Manage under File Types

for Firefox 3:
Tools -> Options -> Applications button

Again, I find Winamp doesn\'t want to play everything through the browser because it\'s not part of the browser -- therefore right-clicking on mp3s and choosing Save As works correctly.  I\'m sure other media players will work in that way, too (foobar, etc.).    

Yeah, that\'s right.  Quicktime loves to take over file types.  Just one of its many wonderful features.    

Assuming you\'re in Windows XP:

From My Computer or Windows Explorer, Tools button -> Folder options -> File types tab.  Find MP3 there and click the Change button.  Associate the mp3 file type with something other than Quicktime (I use Winamp myself).

Thanks for the link!  

Looks like LeBron is Bucket\'s new favorite baller.  I\'m partial to Dwyane Wade myself, but I don\'t blame him!
QuoteNo, Thanatopsis will always involve Ramy Antoun, an irreplaceable part of Thanatopsis\'s sound. Dragons is a whole other animal. I hope there will be more of both at some point.

That\'s so great to hear.  I love Ramy\'s style, he\'s a truly amazing drummer and fits Thanatopsis unbelievably well.    
As much as I want Bucket to gain some fans and maybe even a wider respect from this release, for me it\'s more like a bad dream that I\'m glad is over.  I don\'t have to refer to Bucket as "Guns n\' Roses guitarist" any more to other people.  I\'m so much happier that he\'s back doing his own thing these days, and I hope he is too, it kinda seems that way to me.  
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: Albino Slug
September 26, 2008, 09:16:39 pm

id  say  its  a combo  of  bansheebot  and  peppers  ghost  NOT  QUITE   as good as  emac    in my opinion

I would actually agree with this.  I do think its as good or better than EMAC, though, personally.  Its a bit more listenable, anyway.  
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: Albino Slug
September 25, 2008, 04:52:39 am
QuoteHave you already gotten a copy of albino slug Indra? are they being sold on tour? if so, definitely gona pick one up in Cambridge if they\'re not on the website by then.

Yeah, I bought it last night at the show I\'ve listened to it through a few times now, and I\'ve decided that it is thoroughly and utterly enjoyable.  I am sorry for you folks that have to wait,  I just wanted to share some joy with my fellow Bucketbots here and to put out the good word on this one.  
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Albino Slug
September 24, 2008, 07:34:24 am
Ohh, this is a good one.  If you liked all the other Bucket n\' Brewer releases, you will definitely go for this one.  They found some new direction and some new sounds, while maintaining what they had, at the same time, I think.  
QuoteThe yellow cover version was released in 2005 (i ithink).  The red cover is the re-issue, released 2008 ( i think).  The re-issue has an extra track on it "Shen Chi" exclusive to this CD.  Buckethead and Brewer!!!!!!

Yep, that\'s right.  And Shen Chi is one wicked track, too!!  Like Cuckoo Clocks heavy.  
I know a good way to avoid seeing any jam bands and to dodge the associated annoyances listed above:

don\'t go to any shows where jam bands are playing.  

It\'s worked for me for...ever, actually.  I\'ve never had to sit through a jam band or deal with hippie jam band listeners at all, using this method.

Big reason why I\'m staying the heck away from Wakarusa, even though my 2 favorite artists are playing there (Ozric Tentacles being the 2nd).  I mean besides the stifling June heat, the fact that its in the KS woods, the insanely high ticket prices, the drive out there (ok, only about 60 mins away, but still), and the possibility that the only 2 artists I\'d care about seeing might not end up playing at all, that is.  
Yeah, that\'s not a coincidence at all, Sudo is indeed a Bucket fan.

He\'s also a pretty bad-a** fighter!   The last match of his that I watched was his victory over Royce Gracie.
QuoteAloha everyone, I am new to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself. As a huge fan of BH I am always left feeling like the odd duck. My wife and most of my friends think he is too wierd, they just don\'t get him. When I first heard BH I was like "this is the best s**t I have ever heard". After years of exposing people to his music and not getting the same response I now keep it private and to myself. I have actually become very selfish and don\'t play his music for other people anymore unless they ask. Do others feel that way too?

Hell no, I try to turn as many people on to Bucket as I can.  

That\'s just how I am, though, it\'s not just Big B -- I\'m an "advocate" of everything I really enjoy and always try to see how many others I can get that might share the same appreciation for whatever I\'m into.  It\'s fun.  
Looks authentic to me, too.  

Don\'t get sniped!  hehe.