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Greetings all,

First post by me so i have to say what an oustanding label tdrs music is! i\'m a longtime buckethead fan and have bought tdrs related releases. really enjoy Travis\' work as well. Looking forward to the new album - if Population Override and the Thanatopsis albums are any indication - it will be an essential album.

But i\'m posting here to ask what may be a stupid question - i\'m having trouble paypal-ing an artist support donation and would like to know what email address to send payment to.
i cant find this info anywhere on the site and when i tried to send it to tdrs@tdrsmusic.com nothing happened and the payment didnt go thru... :-/

anyway -i\'m hoping to become eligible to purchase secret recipe and want to make the donation - pleeze let me know where to paypal some fundage. Sorry if this issue has been addressed in another post. (i looked, i swear!)

sorry about the long-winded post, thanks for your help and all the great music!