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Bought "Falling Off a Clef" about a month and a half ago and wanted to thank you again for the inspiration Vince.  Whole album is sweet; #23 FALLEN ANGEL- R O C K S !!!!  My favorite track...but one complaint...TOO SHORT!!  Just when you are about to really start headbanging and thrashing out, the song stops!!! ;D  

As a composer and musician, your music has and continues to be an inspiration to me...even before I picked up an instrument seriously.  Your sense of dynamics and sensabilities in your compositions move me.  There are not many composers/musicians that I have as much respect for.  You continue to keep integrity in your music and it always has a distinct voice.

Couple of side questions, if you have time:

I was wondering what or who your influences were, if you care to share, and  if there were any new artists that you find inspiring in this modern day?

Something I have also wondered is if you have had any schooling musically, or if you are entirely self taught.

What gear do you use primarily, and do you have a favorite piece of gear, company or instrument you favor? Is most of your stuff MIDI based?  What kind of recording program do you use? (i.e. ProTools, Cubase, etc).

Finally, just wondering if you have any recommendations for a inspired musician trying to make the music and film business his only business.  Breaking in, things that might have worked or failed for you, etc.  I know you may not have time to submit all this to the boards, and I would be happy to give e-mail directly if possible.

That\'s all for now.  Keep on making the good stuff, Vince! Peace!