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Thanks for showing us the bones of how a track is outlined. I\'ve never really known how musicians put a song together. Very enlightening.
oh those are great! I especially like the first one.  :)
This is excellent! Thanks for listening to the fans and making the reissue of IOLM possible.

Very exciting that Anatomize is so close to being released.
Quick, where can I prepay? Really looking forward to this. Lovely start to the new year! Thanks Travis.

...the cover art is gorgeous...
I hope noone minds, but when I read this post I just had a thought of a TDRS signal like the bat signal.....only instead of a superhero showing up, it\'s a signal for us fans to sign up for a future release (or reprint) and/or donate some money to make it a reality.

(Instead of Batman showing up, I also had an image of a tired Travis on his 5th cup of coffee in a rumpled shirt...however, I have no idea if Travis even drinks coffee, and I should also mention I have an overactive imagination)

*oh, and sorry for all copyright infringements
I can. Most people don\'t really put much effort into doing any research, even though we have this miraculous thing called the "internet".  
Here\'s wishing everyone a great new year\'s eve and a great year to come!
I don\'t think there\'s any need to be insulting. Yes, it\'s an anagram of Buckethead.
The Ebay posting is just great!

"This is the newest Buckethead CD and up till now was only available on his last tour. You can buy it here for the buy it now price of $25.00 but it would be better to go here and get it for $15.00.

Now that is witty! Made me laugh -- esp. the "but it would be better to go here...." hehe
On the main page of www.tdrsmusic.com you will see a green bar with different links. The one on the far right is Artist Support.
I think "give me a sign" would translate well into a tshirt..but there\'s just so much to pick from
I just received my copy today and it definitely put a smile on my face!
Would there be any excerpts forthcoming to get a flavour for what the album is like?
Anyone know what the painting went for?

curious me.
here\'s the painting up on my wall