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QuoteSecret Recipe kinda chronicles his hair over the years.  Seems to me that it gets a little longer every year.  A wig seems like a bizarre subterfuge to me.

Unless of course he\'s now going the other way and losing all his hair. In which case a wig or toupee (whatever you want to call it) might be handy  ;)
A circular tattoo? Can you describe that a little better? I\'m a little perplexed as to where exactly on his throat he\'s been hiding that during all these years of pictures?
Hey, about 10 days at most. If you\'re on the west coast it\'ll probably be faster (I"m out in Ontario...so it takes about 10 days).
Hey, as long as it\'s kept below $20 it\'s ok. However, music and art items made in the USA aren\'t supposed to be charged. Buuuuuut, still, sometimes they do. It\'s usually best to put it at a value below $20 CAN (so factor in the conversion).

Anyway, customs will stick you for about $6-7 when it goes a bit above  ???

Free trade....yeah, right.........
Quotewhenever I ship overseas or to Canada I always say the item is worth like $9, and mark it as a gift so customs will pass it by.  Obviously only if it is of relatively little value.  The only country that Ive ever had delays with is Hungary.  For some reason the Hungarians take their sweet time with customs...

But they make a really good chicken paprikash! mmmm  :)
no, it\'s based on value...go figure  ::)
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Canada Customs
February 15, 2006, 10:37:02 pm
Canada customs will never make sense to me. Up your ladder was delivered with no customs fee. Today I received Missing links, also classified the exact same way with the same declared value, and they charged me to pick it up. *sigh*
Ah semantics. I think the confusion is that what was being asked was: "Why change from \'Thanatopsis\' to \'A Thanatopsis\' ".

I found this album to be very much a Thanatopsis album. Travis\' keys shine at the forefront with a really nice complementary sound from Buckethead, and drumming by Ramy that just brings everything together so well. I found the actual sound of the guitar to be very fitting (as in the guitar used...sounds different that Buckethead\'s usual tone).

All the songs are great, so it\'s hard for me to choose one that I like more than the others, but Cross Section does stand out in my mind as being quite hypnotic.

I\'m not exactly a music reviewer, but if I was I\'d give it 5 thumbs up..or wait, is that for movies.....
I read through Missing Links today and had a good laugh. A few of those panels will come in handy as opening cartoons in biology class  :D
Well, just in time for Valentine\'s day for those who celebrate it.
QuoteI\'m here because I have my whole life been making idiotic business decisions to make the music I want to make. I own a studio because no one else will pay to record this music, I have this web site because no one else will distribute theses records. Why? Because there is no money in it.

I think it\'s great that there are people like Travis still out there who will stick their necks out for what they believe in. Call me an idealistic fool, but there are purposes in life other than making gobs of money. To have passion for what you do and feel a calling for it means so much more; even if during money tight times it doesn\'t seem like it.
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: Bucketbots?
February 14, 2006, 10:03:05 pm
Look at it this way: Many of the BH fans will never get a chance to see him because they lack the resources to do so. For you to have seen him up close and personal is a positive thing for you!  We all have tantrums where we want to think that everyone else has an easy time with life, but deep down we all know that it\'s not true. Instead of dispairing, be happy that you got to see BH! Focusing on the brief bright points that pop by on this long weary road we call life is what keeps a person going!
Is there something wrong with me? I dont\' have any favourite movies. I only have favourite books. I\'ve walked out of movie theatres with no recollection of what I just saw.  :-/
Quotejust heard the cobra strike album....oh my god!!!!! what a pile of dogs arse!!!! yeah i like shred but this is just inane drivel....tossing off of the highest order.i thought chris impelitteri(?) was a guitar wanker but buckethead just takes the buscuit! i have more feel and taste in my big toe! nuff said.

I see, a highly thought out and well written critique. People have their right to their opinions, but please put some thought into them and write a logical sentence.