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General Discussion / A PO Question
May 05, 2004, 06:48:55 pm
I think this subject was touched upon once before, but maybe Travis can shed some light on this. :-/ On the Population Override CD, the last song, ..., cut's off at about 90 seconds. :\'( You're digging it, then all of a sudden he's done. Why Oh Why? :o It's a great riff. Is there a reason why he stopped? Is it a sample of things to come? What a teaser. ??? I'm just curious. Have I mentioned before that Population Override is one of my most favorite CD's that I have ever  purchased? ;D Population Overrode is one of my most favorite CD's that I have ever purchased. ;D
General Discussion / Population Override KICKS ASS
April 06, 2004, 04:23:10 pm
Population Overdrive is Crazy! Sexy!Cool! :o What an incredible CD. Population Override delivers, and then some. It's exactly what the doctor ordered. Travis, You guys make some beautiful music together. Too Many Humans. :o Already working it's way up the list of all time favorite Buckethead songs. I love the sound of this cd. You guys are awesome. :o Thanks for this wonderful gift of music. And thanks for all your hard work getting this cd out to all of us so quickly. It is living up to all of my expectaions.  :o
General Discussion / CD Distribution
March 31, 2004, 11:32:55 pm
I know what I want to say. Hopefully I can put it into words correctly. How can a wonderful cd such as Axiology, or Electric Tears get out to more people. I mean it\'s just too bad that more people can\'t enjoy this music. Everyone I have played these cd\'s for are amazed they have never heard of them. I\'ve played Axiology for a group of my friends, and they wonder why they can\'t walk into a store and buy it. Is it the price of advertising? I guess I just don\'t get the whole Distribution thing. Why won\'t \'Island of Lost Souls\' be on the shelves at Tower Records?
And while I\'m throwing out all these questions, here\'s one more? When can we look forward to seeing Thanatopsis live? Has there ever been any talk of that ?
General Discussion / EBAY
April 12, 2004, 11:28:42 pm

Bids are up to over 40 bucks on this cd. Too bad more people aren\'t aware of Travis\' genorousity.
General Discussion / Travis Rules
March 13, 2004, 12:45:08 am
I'm very excited about this new easy to use board. It's a great place for me to come to give praise to this amazing man, Travis. Thank him for all his hard work, and let him know how much all is hard work is appreciated. And also I can come here and comment on how talented he is. And tell him how much I enjoy his work. I still listen to Axiology nearly every day. Yes, I'm a fan.