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This may be a silly question, Travis. But did you guys sit there, and watch the movie, and put the music together while watching it. That seems like it would be to do.
There\'s some awesome Buckethead music in that movie.
Hopefully it will be released soon. Thanks for the address ;)
QuoteYeah, well, it\'s a little personal and I\'m sure no one really cares, but um, PO turns my girl on in a major way when we play it in the bedroom.  Thanks Travis.  My girlfriend has been playing classical piano for eight years now and she\'s dazzled and shall we say, moved, by the work on this album.  It rocks.  We both have an intense love for music, but our tastes are on the opposite sides of the spectrum.  It\'s cool that we both have an album we can appreciate together!  This album is subdued in parts and unrestrained in others.  Peaks and valleys, it\'s wild.  Did I mention the fact that I love this album?

Hey I got some booty last night while listening to Population Override, too. Thanks Travis!  ;)

If that\'s the case, Hexitt, Congratulations on finding this CD. This CD is good in many ways :)
General Discussion / A PO Question
May 05, 2004, 06:48:55 pm
I think this subject was touched upon once before, but maybe Travis can shed some light on this. :-/ On the Population Override CD, the last song, ..., cut's off at about 90 seconds. :\'( You're digging it, then all of a sudden he's done. Why Oh Why? :o It's a great riff. Is there a reason why he stopped? Is it a sample of things to come? What a teaser. ??? I'm just curious. Have I mentioned before that Population Override is one of my most favorite CD's that I have ever  purchased? ;D Population Overrode is one of my most favorite CD's that I have ever purchased. ;D
Weather you\'re pro-war, or against everything that\'s going on over there, watching that\'s gotta put a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, and a lump in your throat.
General Discussion / Re: ramy + thanatopsis
May 05, 2004, 06:14:54 pm
OH MY GAWD :o More Thanatopsis! I can\'t sleep as it is. The first one was Awesome. Well the second one was better. Well, just as good. They are both frickin\' great!
General Discussion / Re: Official Recordings
April 24, 2004, 03:17:37 pm
Zuzu\'s main interest is what is best for buckethead, and what he would want and your main intererest  is well, not. Chazuke is right, z is the voice of many. And you are?
General Discussion / Re: Official Recordings
April 23, 2004, 09:54:25 pm
Travis,you are great.

Everybody should look up the word \'Official\' in the dictionary
General Discussion / Re: Official Recordings
April 23, 2004, 02:27:19 pm
I can\'t say enough about the 2 Thanatopsis CD\'s. They are both so unique. I can\'t wait to see Thanatopsis play live someday (hint hint)Travis, and Bucket playing together is simply amazing. I STILL can\'t get over how Great Population Override is, too.
General Discussion / Re: Not feeling Pandemonium cd
April 18, 2004, 03:08:39 am
uuummmm.... I just love the CD. That\'s all. Listen to it all the time :)
I knew you would love this CD Blood. My only complaint about the cd, if I dare is the last song (...) It\'s too short. I could listen to that riff all day. 90 seconds! What\'s up with that? :\'(
What an awesome review Megan. Makes me want to crank it right now. Oh, I am cranking it right now. Just like Axiology, it\'s too bad that more people out there won\'t be hearing this. I\'m spreading the word, and Travis there will be orders. Everyone I share this with say the same thing \'WOW\'.
I have to say that the first time I listened to this cd I was so engulfed in the music that I lost track of time, and what was happening around me. Almost like being  hypnotised. No I didn\'t fall asleep. I just kicked back, put the headphones on, and cranked it. The house could have burned down. Yeah, I like it.
General Discussion / Population Override KICKS ASS
April 06, 2004, 04:23:10 pm
Population Overdrive is Crazy! Sexy!Cool! :o What an incredible CD. Population Override delivers, and then some. It's exactly what the doctor ordered. Travis, You guys make some beautiful music together. Too Many Humans. :o Already working it's way up the list of all time favorite Buckethead songs. I love the sound of this cd. You guys are awesome. :o Thanks for this wonderful gift of music. And thanks for all your hard work getting this cd out to all of us so quickly. It is living up to all of my expectaions.  :o