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I went to the show he played in The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on 7/02/16. Here's the setlist from the show.

1. Jowls
2. Gorey Head Stumps 2006: The Pageant of the Slunks
3. Soothsayer
4. Meta-Matic
5. Botnus
6. The Embalmer
7. Fountains of the Forgotten
8. Baseball Furies
9. Star Wars
10. Night of the Slunk
11. Nunchuck Intermission (some dubstep song)
12. Jordan
13. Buckethead's Toystore (w/ interlude: Pure Imagination)
14. Want Some Slaw?
15. Revenge of the Double-man
16. Lebrontron
17. Welcome To Bucketheadland (Bucketheadland version)
18. ? ? ?
19. Giant Robot Theme
20. Crash Victim
21. Nottingham Lace

From what I've seen of other shows he's played on this tour so far, it looks like he's been playing this same setlist at all of the other shows too. Only thing is I can't seem to figure out what song #11 or #18 is supposed to be. From what I can tell though, it's the same songs he plays in this video at 47:46 and 1:26:17


If anyone knows which songs those are, post them here and I'll update the setlist.
Just saw something posted on Facebook about it.
Apparently there's a limited edition press of a Buckethead shirt that will stay on sale for only 5 more days and won't be available anymore.
Here's the link.

Hopefully this is against any rules, I just thought the fans ought to know.

Buckethead's got three new pikes out already! Except it looks like he skipped right past #13. Not only does that seem unusual for him, but now it makes it even more unclear how many more pikes he's going to release.
Merry Christmas everyone!

I got the only thing I asked for this year, which was pikes 6-10. I've said it before, but I have to say it again; I absolutely love how every Buckethead CD I've gotten from the direct source has been packaged so well that it never comes with any signs of damage and all comes together at once.
Generally, these are the albums I see at that particular store:

  • Colma

  • Monsters and Robots

  • Bermuda Triangle

  • Electric Tears

  • Bucketheadland 2 (sometimes)

  • Acoustic Shards

  • Electric Sea

I also bought my copy of Enter the Chicken at that store which was the second album I ever bought. However, this is the Rasputin Music store in Concord. In Berkeley there's another Rasputin's which I've seen carry Giant Robot, The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell, Kaleidoscalp, and From the Coop as well as the ones I listed above. Mostly it's just several copies of Colma and Monsters and Robots, though.
Bermuda Triangle is a common occurance around here
I saw something very peculiar at a local record store while I was getting some more music.

Quote from: dewclaw on November 09, 2012, 07:25:04 pm
Buckethead CDs are like crack. When I see new ones I buy immediately.

I hope you're not saying you buy crack as soon as you see it.  :P
Quote from: nick_reinstein on October 25, 2012, 12:14:33 am
Where are there different versions?  I feel like I now have no idea how incomplete my Buckethead collection actually is now. 

What other albums have different versions depending on which media I want?

As far as I'm concerned, Forgotten Trail is the only Buckethead song in which you benefit more from buying it on iTunes rather than on the CD. Shadows Between The Sky works vice versa though, so it makes the CD more valuable.
There is one particular thing about Shadows that makes repressing this album different than any of the other albums for me. I primarily buy music via iTunes if it's not available on CD (I did so with Jordan and Forgotten Trail). However, the iTunes version of this album is still missing City of Woe which I've heard is one of the best ones on the album. iTunes also forces all the files to be downloaded as AAC which takes up too much room and often glitches on my computer. With CDs I have more freedom with how to process the information. Otherwise I would've downloaded the album from iTunes a long time ago.
Those ideas aren't new either. However, I've actually warmed up to the idea of using CD-Rs since they actually last much longer than I had anticipated, and are replaceable yourself once you have the information on a computer. I don't play CDs much in my car anyway.
Albums like Look Up There and Population Override are done all at once to make long jams too. I can also tell his mellower albums like Colma and A Real Diamond In The Rough were done with guitars first and the drums were added later based on the dynamics of the drums and bass.
Buckethead played a great show last night at the Fillmore in San Francisco! Absolutely loved the inclusion of some songs from the Pike albums! It ended rather unamusingly though when his roadies came out on stage and started dancing to some songs by other rock bands. Sure it would've been a good laugh in the middle of the set, but we were hoping to get an epic closer like Nottingham Lace, but instead it ended with some dudes goofing off to Any Way You Want It. However, being that this is my third time seeing him live I was glad to see that he could mix up his set and play some fresh tracks.
Quote from: robotpie3000 on August 23, 2012, 02:16:56 pm1) Return to Bucketheadland - 3:18
2) The Doppelganger - 5:00
3) Bucketbot Rage - 0:45
4) Park Mutation - 2:04
5) Graverobber's Adventure - 1:31
6) The Creamatorium, the Crypt, and the Mausoleum - 3:08
7) Buckethead's Inferno - 3:02
8 ) Ed Gein's Snack Shack - 1:35
9) Enter Robotland Factory - 0:26
10) Clank...Clank...Clank... - 0:21
11) The Hall of Broken Records - 1:32
12) Gummi Guts - 0:58
13) Marzipan Limbs - 0:40
14) Kadbury Kream Eyes - 0:47
15) Bloody Sundae - 0:59
16) Cotton Candy Head - 3:52
17) Gutters at the Chopping Block Restaurant - 0:17
18) Skyway Through the Anti-Matterhorn - 2:40
19) The People Remover - 2:32
20) Warrior Coupes - 1:16
21) Autowrecktopia - 1:25
22) Shingles - 0:14
23) Temple of Deadly Sonic Arts - 0:59
24) Mausoleum Ampitheater - 2:04
25) Death of the Atomic Robotcoaster - 0:49
26) Lost And Found - 0:45
27) Guided Tour With the Hostbot Guide - 0:37
28) Bucketheadland Surgeon Imposters - 0:20
29) Tomb of the Unknown Escapist - 5:13
30) Ferris Wheel Maintenance - 1:08
31) Albert's Pocket Taxidermy Kit - 1:37
32) The Hacked-Off Arm - 2:15
33) The Severed Head Doll - 2:21
34) Dismemberfest - 1:37
35) Make Limbs Fly Off - 1:03
36) The Coop of Horror - 3:05
37) You Cannot Be Found - 4:03

Total Time - 66:18

This idea seems the most genuinely like an album Buckethead would do. Only thing is, if he's gonna do a Bucketheadland III, there'd have to be one track that is 8:16 in length like there was in both albums. I think Skyway Through the Anti-Matterhorn or You Cannot Be Found sounds seems like the one I could imagine being that long. Also, BHL2 focused entirely on the Slaughter Zone, so judging by the cover and most of the song titles, I assume this one could focus entirely on the Graveyard. (BTW, the ablum title looks like the same font as Electric Sea)
Still no news on the repress yet? :-\