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It was used on my Gibson  (for less than a hour and a half) that I use for jazz playing. I already have a air norton on my ESP mh 350 for metal, blues, hard rock, neo classical, shredding ect ect (and it works great for those styles). I\'m gonna get a seymore Duncan for my jazz playing, the air norton just didn\'t work out for jazz. This is a neck pick up cream and black.
Whoever is the first to post and guess atleast 1 acurate track name before the album and track names are released. Your copy is on me ;D or if you have already preordered one you get a choice of one single cd from the pikes store or the toys tore. Goodluck!

There will be only one winner in this contest. The prize will go to the FIRST accurate track name posted BEFORE the track names are released. Each poster gets 2 guesses.

So I now own a digi pack version of ET. Got it for under $25.00. Can anyone confirm if they were all digi packs or mostly jewel cases? I\'m wondering if I have a rare item.
Anyone have the complete set? Or close to it? I would love to see pics!
Hey bots, I could not access my old account for some reason, so I had to make a new one.

Anyway, I was at the BB Kings show and the NY State fair show. Both shows were fantastic! @BB Kings I gave him a copy of a movie I knew he\'d love and got a skelanimals sketch pad in return. At the fair my wifebot got a big plastic green pumpkin from buck and I got a G.I joe dual figure toy set from buck. The shows were exceptional, pretty much flawless and mind blowing with the exception of soothsayer. At both shows soothsayer was pretty underwhelming :-[ ... Overall well worth the trips and I cannot wait to go back to bucketheadland next year!! That android can sure put on one hell of show!!!! WOW!!!!

Psticks was filming at the fair. There were little mics set up and multiple mini cameras he was fiddling with around stage profusely all night. I have a suspicion that there WILL indeed be another dvd in the next few years.

 RE: Pikes.
I dunno how I feel about these slabs just yet based on the samples and some reviews. I own IA (and the HHLE) but think I\'m personally gonna hold off on the rest of the series, for now. If it has to "grow" on me and doesn\'t strike me as stunning or WOW right off the bat, I usually pass things up like that. Although I do think Pikes is an interesting aspect of Bucketheads park, but I like the other areas a little better and will stick with them and continue to get my face melted and limbs removed in those areas. And I like shopping in Travis\'s store better too, this site has a certain charm to it and the customer service is second to none.

Anyone else here go to Bucketheadland in NYC or Syracuse? And any suggestions on another fan funded contest? Bucketdog is feeling generous again 8)

  I know this a multi topic/random post. Deal with it! hahaha  :P