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It was used on my Gibson  (for less than a hour and a half) that I use for jazz playing. I already have a air norton on my ESP mh 350 for metal, blues, hard rock, neo classical, shredding ect ect (and it works great for those styles). I\'m gonna get a seymore Duncan for my jazz playing, the air norton just didn\'t work out for jazz. This is a neck pick up cream and black.
What if we paid extra for a special edition of these re-releases? Change the cover art to distinguish these from the originals and only press like 300-400. Sell em for $30.00. It would not only give us a special edition of these CDs but would also make it worth Travis\'s effort. Or something like that. And maybe even toss in a bonus track or 2.

I\'m in for a pre-order too. 8)
It doesn\'t seem "population override" is OOP. Ion records are selling them directly through eBay. For double the price. I caved in and bought a copy because I don\'t steal music. I would have MUCH rather bought it here. I hope Travis and the boy get a piece of that action. Otherwise I\'m gonna feel real stupid not having patience...

I looked through the sopa act a little more and def disagree with it now. I\'m just upset about the piracy and "sharing" going on. It really makes the music industry less lucrative... Unless you\'re a Justin bieber sort of act. Oh well...
Also people might be forced to go to the library to gain knowledge. God forbid if you try to grow your brain!
I actually don\'t really mind this legislation. Maybe people will start getting paid for their hard work!

I bet buckethead has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because of piracy.

It\'s time to get paid and make the music industry more lucrative.

Usually not alot of Franenstein Bros. tunes on a typical BH show setlist.

Umm, I wasn\'t referring to the Frankenstein brothers shows... The first 2 shows are in CA without that 1 guy. The CA shows would be cool with new BUCKETHEAD songs. Perhaps I should include a link to tour the dates and a better description next time...?
Now that I\'ve put some thought into this... I wanna see the f***ing deli creeps live before I die!!! I want a show of insanity with bob going friggin bonkers! Not noodle noodle improv jam jam! Goddamit, maximum bob! Where you at ?!?!?!?! Could you fix me a ham and cheese sandwich and I\'d like a ride!!!!!!


IMO the deli creeps are bucket\'s best band/collaboration
Fingers are still crossed for a new setlist for the first 2 shows!
Shaaaweeett! Hopefully a new setlist too! Come back to new york, bucket! ;D
Happy holidays, Travis!

Personaly I think these things come with time.  Some songs do stand out immediately but others get better with time and that\'s when the true magic of what your hearing becomes apparent.

To say he should spend more time on making stuff I think is nonsense cos you have no idea how long he spent writing these tracks.  

You are of course entitled to your opinion and and I\'m not saying you\'re wrong for having it, but I certainly don\'t agree with it.  From what I\'ve heard, it sounds awesome!!!

Of course I have no idea how long he spent doing this album. I\'m assuming after the tour is when he started working on it. At the time we were under the impression he was doing the pikes series and bam outta nowhere came this.

Just saying, bucket is a fabulous musician. I was expecting more from a sequel to the great electric tears. Electric sea isin\'t bad, but is not great either. I\'m glad I bought it overall. And no bot should miss out on it. Because there is a gem or 3 in there.

On another note, I wonder who that guy is on the inside of the cd holding the locket? I think I may know, but that\'s just pure speculation....
On a brighter note: I will say point doom, electric sea and the homing beacon are fantastic! That I can\'t deny :)