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 Dear friends,

Friends, Do you can help? It\'s for a good cause.
Massive tidal waves triggered by an earthquake off the coast of Indonesia on December 26, 2004, has left tens of thousands dead and more than a million homeless...  :\'(
Oxfam and its partners responded immediately by distributing food, temporary shelter, and clean water in Sri Lanka. In Indonesia, we will soon be providing much-needed water and sanitation. Oxfam teams are busy assessing needs in India and other countries affected...

See in the link here  more details:

Take care, my dear friends. I treasure it that Viggo and you are in my life.
Edjane Maps
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 Dear sngwthme,  thanks, thanks!

 A nice great happy 2005!!!

 Edjane Maps
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 ;D Dear friends,

 I wish Merry Christmas and Happy 2005 for all friends here!
 i love you! :-*
Best Wishes!

Edjane Maps

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 Perceval Press has once again "War Is Not the Answer" T-shirts
Perceval Press is offering a new run of "War Is Not the Answer" and "Support Our Troops - Bring them Home" shirts, due to renewed interest and the continued, if not increased timeliness and urgent need of these messages. They are light grey, and available short- and long-sleeve, in various sizes. Perceval Press will make no profit, as the shirts have been priced to barely cover our costs. Peace and love.
More info in the
Viggo deserves. kisses for all friends!!
Edjane Maps

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