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Edit.... every week I would back up the videos on to an external hard drive so if some unfortunate being decides to close or removes videos.
Hey bots, I haven\'t been on for a while due to the fact that my home was destroyed by hurricane Irene. But as I recover I went on youtube to download a lot of the same buckethead videos that I originally had on my Ipod. Unfortunately a lot of videos or accounts have been removed.

So I propose that we make a youtube account, or free-share website that everyone can contribute buckethead videos to, so we never have to lose another video. Let me know what you guys think and I will attempt to head the ordeal. I would probably just make an account that I will private message the login info to any tdrs member that asks for it.
Undertow and Cetus are my 2 entries, someone could steal my third idea of Bio-Luminescence if they want   8)
Pickq um up over at http://bucketheadpikes.com/

Album 3 is the happy holidays album with titled tracks and printed artwork.

Album 4 is a bunch of ISOT/IOLM style songs

Album five is two(I have heard from people 16 and 19 min, no idea if its true or not so don\'t quote me) tracks that are again ISOT style tracks of him doing softer solos.

I have found this http://cgi.ebay.com/Rare-No-1-Stretch-Guitar-Strap-ORANGE-Buckethead-/270742909124?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item3f0988f0c4 and am awe struck how fast the price is going up. I have a collection of No 1 Stretch Straps that I am tempted to sell off now, which includes my prized possession pre-patent prototype strap :). Just figured I would throw this up there to see if anyone is interested in buying some good old collectible Buckethead Straps. Also maybe share some knowledge about the straps history and your experience with them. Almost like a tribute thread ;D  
If I am going to suggest albums for you to get what is you favorite albums of the ones you have, that way I can recommend similar ones, Buckethead\'s music spans a wide range of variety so what I think is good buckethead could be different from what you think is good buckethead,

oh and welcome to the forums  ;D
I am still in, also how will we be voting on the songs  :)
On Friday the 13th none the less  :o
actually I just looked at it, and only 500 will be printed :o
I have to say it is definitely the reject songs from the first rehearsal but they are awesome in a car with a nice sub woofer. Overall the album is pretty fun and seems like it will be a collectible to own since only a 1000 are being printed. So if you don\'t mind the wacky jam stuff from the good old phonopsychograph days then this is the album for you.
Update: Bootsy Collins plans to be at Bonnaroo for his Tha Funk Capital of The World Tour. Since Buckethead is featured on the album it gives that much more possibility for Buckethead to make an appearance for one song  ;D
Lol, nice answers guys, I don\'t plan to go to bonnaroo as it is a bit of a long haul for me, but I thought it would be cool to have someone that is going to get some video clips if buckethead played with primus because he hasn\'t dont that in quite a while, and I have always enjoyed really any music that he does with les or brain so...
Am I the only one thinking that Buckethead could show up and play with Primus at Bonnaroo as he has done in the past. There is a break in his touring schedule that would allow for it. Just thought I would run it by you guys and see what you think. ;D
 ;D think sleigh bells
I would post my entry but sadly I apparently misunderstood. I thought that the contest entries were due on march 5th, and that is when the voting would begin. I guess at this point I would consider myself out of the competition because I have nothing ready, but I might get something up.

Reserved for MLGUDEAD\'s Entry if I get it done*