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I don't know if anyone else has caught this, but the same song that was on the Call of Duty Vidoc is on a Jt Splatmaster commercial. The song is from the un-released Giant Robot album titled Siren 13 I believe.

Quote from: DroidHunter13 on August 22, 2012, 01:42:04 pm
Mine is called "It's Dead"! It's like a mix of Empty Space, The Shores of Molokai, and Cuckoo Clocks of Hell...a mix of heavy, experimental, funk, melodies, and cool electronic beats!

1. Slab Dimensions
2. Droid Hunter
3. Atomic Slunk
4. A Bucket of Bones
5. The Ballad of Big D - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZA8ZwOjA_uY
6. Decapitation Drop - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeZQn-ia150
7. Severed Heads
8. Doomsayer
9. Help! Help! Help!
10. Black Sabbath
11. The Embalmer
12. What Mask?
13. You Can't Kill What's Already Dead

I can't decide on which songs will be which style, but hopefully you can get an idea of what they sound like if they actually were on an album. And I added a few of the tour songs because I really want them on an album!  :)

Don't forget http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mGvfp6ckuI :)
Thanks ZUZU for clearing this up... Im definitely gonna save every page from it now that its up. It is one of those sites with a lot of great resources. Thanks for you effort :)
I tried to go to bingeandgrab.com and I was met with a disappointing message. Am I the only one that feels like buckethead's online community is dieing after a strong 13 year build up of buckethbots? Where is all the love for bucket going?
Where are you at with commitment to this buy? I have the opportunity to buy a wiring harness from an authentic 81 esp mirage custom. Also if I am going to be building this then I need to build a copy carver and order the esp m10. Also because alder is a western wood I have to order it online, and can\'t get it at my lumber supplier. Just let me know if you can put a deposit down on this, and I can start ordering hardware and building the copy carver. It may seem simple but for a customers guitar I like to have hardware and all in hand so I know how everything will fit together, rather than guess typical dimensions and what not. And this can take 2-3 weeks to get every piece of hardware. If you wait longer than the start of april to commit you will have to wait until mid may to have us start the build due to other orders that have come in.
Just let me know on here, or shoot me an email at divebombvt@comcast.net.

Which hard rock cafe is it located in? Also the blank doesn\'t exist, it is a neck through guitar, meaning the blank it the neck blank with the wings glued on to it. And to get something like that from Esp would cost around $1200, by the time I get hardware and everything with labor and finish work on it, there would be no way I could sell it to you for $2000. That would end up being around $3200 or so. I have had plans to get a copy carver up and running so i can by cheap versions of a guitar and copy the shape onto a new blank. Which I could by and m-10 and copy the top view onto the blank. So my next queqstion is, when would you expect this to be done. If you can let it go into the early summer then I could make a copy carver and do an exact replica of a mirage guitar. About relic paint jobs, I would have no idea on how to do that once I get the stickers on it. I honesty think the best I could do is paint it in the midnight purple color and then place the stickers onto it. Relic-ing a paint job takes a strong attention to detail and several attempts at a paint job that leaves enough material to work with. It really isn\'t worth the cost of the outcome. If you really want it and can provide pictures of every part that is beat up then I can do it, just again not for $2000. I guess what I am saying is I can build you the store bought version of the Esp M-II custom that he played for $2000. Anything beyond that would be extra. Get back to me with an expectation on a date and perhaps any other ideas you have. Also where are you located, so I know if I need to plan to buy a case to ship over-seas or just a basic gator skin case.
Oh boy, I have never really thought about doing one cause they pop up on ebay every so often, not the exact custom model he had originally but the stickered one I have seen once or twice in the past couple years. If I could find a template, or a flat view picture that i could make a template from I don\'t see why not, the 12th fret M-II CTM wouldnt be possible for the sheer fact of I don\'t have a CNC to cut out the lettering in the inlay material, and doing it by hand would look hideous. But I see no reason as of right now why I couldn\'t do a pretty close replica. I would have to research specs like neck angle and what not so I will get back to you ASAP on the idea of price and expectations. It would be around $2000 as a rough guess, I hope that works, we could sacrifice some things to get the price down to around $1600 or so. Also the floyd rose used on the 80s 90s esp customs were made in house, so unless i can find one used, the tremolo would have to be an original floyd or a licensed one, no esp brand :(
It really depends on what you would want done. Here is a rough price list I just kinda came up with to give you an idea.

Buckethead Jackson V mahogany clear finish one $1600
Buckethead Jackson V KFC Striped $2000
Death Cube K Jackson V (custom paint job im working on) $2250
Buckethead Les Paul Copy $2500
Death Cube K Les Paul(inverted Colors with custom paint job) $3000
Buckethead Les Paul Custom Copy $4000
Death Cube K Les Paul Custom $4000

All Prices are subject to change, and custom Guitars are base prices
Les Paul custom is front binding, fretboard binding, headstock binding. Optional features are back binding, custom wound pickups to bucketheads specs, powder coated hardware. All of these options add cost. All custom specs requested by you are very possible as this would be a custom one of a kind build.
I know that it\'s a little pricey, but the only other place I know of that isn\'t gibson is an over-seas company called shamray that won\'t do the oversized body and baritone neck. Also because they are a patented company they can\'t reproduce the les paul exactly. They charge atleast $4500.

Prices through me can are always negotiable too.
New to the forums, not to buckethead however. And because of my admiration for buckethead as a musician I have built a replica/style of his Les paul custom. Here are a few pictures of the finished guitar.




So beyond the fact that I am sharing my build with you I would like to let you know that any replica build services you would like done, les paul or flying v, I can accomplish them for you. I have also been experimenting with building elastic guitar straps, like the ones buckethead uses. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or requests for guitar builds.

Also check out my youtube channel for videos videos of the buckethead replica a my latest original guitar build.
I will actually post a video up on my youtube account and post the link here once I\'ve done that. I would love to keep the guitar but I need to be able to fund my self for the 7 string I am now building.

Link Added: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Rm9ruVIqwI
Your art, music, projects and links / Selling a Guitar
February 03, 2011, 09:33:32 pm
I am selling a custom made esp horizon ken Lawrence style guitar. I am asking $850 or best offer.  The guitar is well worth the value and to buy an actual esp KlH it costs around $4500. Post a reply if you want to see pictures, I will upload them to photobucket if someone is interested. I also have plenty of guitar body\'s for sale and necks, trying to make some room in the shop so you will get them at a very fair price. I also have a custom made Super Strat that is all finished and once assembled. Everything included for $750. Again post a reply if you wish to see pictures.
General Discussion / Re: Buckethead mask
February 03, 2011, 01:21:29 am
no problem, I myself have gotten a hold of an 87\' mask that was supposedly used by Buckethead in one of his binge clips, or at least that is what the collector I bought it from told me. I traced the mask back to a performance of phantom of the opera on Broadway, that\'s how I knew that little fact.
General Discussion / Re: Buckethead mask
February 02, 2011, 08:10:35 pm
Are you picky about getting an 83\' cesar or an 87\' cesar, cause if you are looking for the basic 86\' one that most people have then go eBay. For the authentic 83\' 87\' and 89\' that Buckethead uses himself you are mostly out of luck. A history lesson for you, the masks are called Broadway men\'s mask, and the only 87\'s and 89\'s that were released to the public were given to friends of Broadway performers or were given out as a parting gift if you attend the phantom of the opera on Broadway.


That is the cheapest I can find the typical Re-issued cesar masks. Hope this helps :)

Why don\'t we make an unofficial "official" fan page on youtube, put all the live stuff, covers, fan made music videos, binge clips/wacky stuff that floats around, etc.

Just a thought, it would be a huge undertaking but if we get like 3-5 people involved that can all log into the account it could be done  :D
The account is up and running... just make add to the playlists...

Username: LongLiveBigB
Password: bucklive

Please be respectful and don\'t ruin this for the community...