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I'm hoping for a new Thanatopsis or Dragons of Eden album...or maybe even something totally new! Any collaboration with Buckethead would be amazing. I speak for myself and my dad: Travis, will there be anymore collaborations with Buckethead in the near future??
bucketheadstech was speaking of a DVD box set autographed by Buckethead in the comments for the Ghost Host video. I messaged him this:

Hello! If there is a DVD box set, how many concert bootlegs are there going to be? Or will it just be the St. Louis 2012 show? And also, will there be any footage of any of the 2011 shows?

bucketheadstech sent me this:

I have video from Frankenstein Bros at 1st ave in Minneapolis, Des Moines, and Omaha also. Only have soundboard for STL. It took a while to work it out with the powers at hand. I got pretty good sound at the 3 shows I just mentioned also, they are just on my macbook and I wont have it back for a while. There is no plan for a box set at this point, I am working with the guys to produce this STL one. These are my masters, and I have another camera footage I have not even used yet. This is kind of a sample.

Check it out! Videos from the St. Louis show back in 2012 are being uploaded! And it looks like they're being uploaded from the cameras PSticks would set up!

Quote from: MuldeR on January 19, 2013, 11:16:16 pm
On the list of all the projects of which I would love to see a continuation, "...Regards" has the lowest priority :-X

("Thanatopsis" and "C2B3" probably have the highest!)

Those two and the Frankenstein Brothers...I would LOVE to see another album come from those projects.
This question has been bugging me also. Someone had posted Brain and Melissa's Soundcloud page, and it has songs on there that could be released on a new "Regards" album...But I honestly don't see this ever happening. It sounds like Buckethead appears on Reach the End, The Swamp, MLB 2K Theme, Race to Destruction, Detention Title Sequence, and Forever.


Although if there is information about a third Regards album, I would appreciate it too.
This same song was also in a Call of Duty MW3 video called Improve.
Out of all the record stores I've been to (Amoeba, Newbury Comics, FYE) I've seen:
Monsters and Robots
From the Coop
Acoustic Shards
Electric Tears
Electric Sea
Bucketheadland 2
Cobra Strike
Cobra Strike 2
Bermuda Triangle
Elephant Man's Alarm Clock
Pepper's Ghost
Island of Lost Minds
Kevin's Noodle House
Giant Robot

All were around $13 except for Bucketheadland 2 and Cobra Strike, they were $20. Great prices.
What other Buckethead CD's did they have at that store? I'm just curious.

Every record store I go to, I look to see if there's a copy of Shadows lying around...no luck yet  >:(
Quote from: Maxen on November 02, 2012, 10:34:01 pm
Quote from: DroidHunter13 on November 02, 2012, 07:53:16 pm
Quote from: Maxen on October 31, 2012, 06:12:45 pm
Quote from: DroidHunter13 on October 30, 2012, 04:37:16 am
Whoa, I saw the composer information...that's new!  :o

What does it say? Is it weird?

It's more than weird...it says...

"Brian Carroll (Buckethead)"...


that's...not weird

Yeah, but Buckethead rarely ever uses his real name
Quote from: Maxen on October 31, 2012, 06:12:45 pm
Quote from: DroidHunter13 on October 30, 2012, 04:37:16 am
Whoa, I saw the composer information...that's new!  :o

What does it say? Is it weird?

It's more than weird...it says...

"Brian Carroll (Buckethead)"...

Whoa, I saw the composer information...that's new!  :o
I like Call of Duty, it's the only shooting game (other than Saints Row or GTA) that I play! But you should put the song names in the description...because some people will keep leaving comments like "what song is that?!"
Quote from: nick_reinstein on October 24, 2012, 11:05:24 am
Forgotten Trail is on Albino Slug and iTunes has some settings to choose what format you want.

What I want from the Big B is a box set.  Imagine having his entire collection with original artwork all in one set.  Imagine how heavy that would be.

Forgotten Trail IS on Albino Slug...but there is a different version on Itunes with an extended jam solo. It's much better than the CD version! You should check that out.
http://memegenerator.net/instance/28812632  ;)

hehehe. I think it's okay if you do that...I made a video of a flight I was on and put a few Buckethead songs on there.
I third what Beau810 said! I'm the kind of person who just HAS to own CD's. Travis, you had mentioned that since music is free, then why pay for it...I just thought I'd say I pay for the music because the artist deserves the money.

Anyways, I wouldn't mind purchasing Shadows with a CDr instead of a regular CD, as long as I have all the artwork and music to go along with it. Another thing I thought of that would be cool and would probably attract more buyers would be to sell Limited Edition signed copies of Shadows, or maybe even throw in a bonus track, as long as Buckethead agrees to do any of that. Now, I don't know if you still keep in touch with Buckethead, but I just thought I'd throw out the idea.