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As much as we all (including myself) want this to happen, it probably never will. I'd be down for a copy of this CD.

Even if Travis (or whoever is in charge of repressing this particular CD) did have this repressed, I wouldn't mind paying something like $25 for it.

Check it out...there's some cool stuff to find!

Hey Travis...if there is an extra copy of Shadows Between the Sky, you should TOTALLY reserve one for me  ;)
This is so cool though. I have pretty much everything there except for the Viggo CD and the original Enter the Chicken. I'll have to be on that page like a hawk to see if anything I don't have pops up!
Well, it's great to see such a great album back on the store, even though I already own a copy. It gives other collectors a chance to own a signed copy. Is Axiology next to be restocked? That's seriously one of the greatest albums of all time. (I already own a copy, but like I said, other collectors have a chance at owning it).
Awesome to see this back in the store Travis. Will there be anything else popping up in the near future? Or is this all for now?

I had found an article about this not too long ago. Apparently "Warm Regards" was supposed to be released last year, according to Brain and Melissa's website, but nothing has happened since then. (The article I read was old, it dated back to early 2012). I'm still waiting for this too.
That 1 Guy is a really cool cat. I met him at a show in Houston, TX, and I gave him a poster I made in Photoshop last year. He LOVED it! Said it was one of the coolest things anyone has ever given him.

But yeah, that was cool how he gave you that stuff!

P.S. Still waiting for the second Frankenstein Brothers album...
Thanks for the heads up, this is exciting news!
Hey Travis, how have you been? It's been a while since we've heard from you. Anything going on in the studio? Any cool new music/videos coming our way?
Really excited with all of these new projects, especially the Viggo one, THAT will be cool to hear! And I'm very curious. Will there been any future collaborations planned with Buckethead? My dad and I love hearing the music you two put out!
PERFECT album to dedicate to Buckethead. At first I was the only one who knew that Hacked Tube was an anagram for Buckethead  ;)

My favorite album from you, Space Captain! Keep doing what your doing!
I'm ordering this tonight.
Mine came in yesterday...#84!! REALLY good album.
Personalized, and there's plenty of them! Plus, one of them says "The Embalmer" on it, and another says "The Slunk Who Crossed the Road"....could these be references to Pike 11?!

Ordered! Seriously can't wait for this to come in the mail!