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I wish he would play Nottingham Lace, Binge and Grab, or Computer Master, or even tear it up on the banjo at some of his shows this year...but I dont think he will. Seeing the videos from the past two shows are really getting me excited for the show in\'ll be my first Buckethead show!!  ;D
I really enjoyed this article! He is definitely better off solo, but im still glad he was in G N R. I personally thought Buckethead was better than Slash for G N R because obviously Buckethead is the best guitarist to ever live. And i also didnt think Chinese Democracy was a bad album at all! I thought it was their best album. People probably thought it was bad because Slash wasnt on it. Woopdie-do. That guy is probably the most overrated guitarist. He\'s good, but he\'s not all that great.
I was just reading that either last week or the week before! I thought it was an old list...hehe... But its great that Buckethead is getting the attention he deserves.
"A new Buckethead album is due to be relased. It is said to be titled Grandma\'s Old Chicken Wire Hat. The entire album will be piano and some percussion. A date is to be announced but a source claims it could be out as early as july 25th." - Wikipedia
Considering how secretive Buckethead is, I dont think this album is going to happen. But I thought I should ask the other bots about it...Does anyone know anything about this album, or is it just someone vandalizing Wikipedia?
Mine came in today!!!! I love the stamp...and Brooding Peeps!  ;D
Happy birthday Buckethead!!!!!!!!!!!  ;D

Apparently Track 3 is "Terms of Service", Track 4 is "Wrath of the Demon (Tribute to Gene Simmons)", and Track 13 is "Thunder and Kill Cot"...Considering how secretive Buckethead is I would say that these aren\'t the real names.
This is the funniest interview ive ever heard, i laughed throughout the whole thing. I love how every time Bootsy says to direct the questions to him the people just ask Buckethead another question  ;D
Im still looking, but i dont even have the money to get one  :-[ but are you saying that if you can get those three guitars, your gonna ship them out to other bots as gifts? \'Cause im still looking to get very desperate to get it. Hehe  ;D
QuoteTravis, for those albums that are sold out. Why not put them on a separate page and maybe, if there is demand, there could be a repressing or not

I dont know ;D

People need to buy Pepper\'s Ghost, including me ;D
I was just thinking the same thing, it\'d be easier to see any other albums that have sold out. And plus, i need Shadows, i hope that one and Pepper\'s are the first ones repressed, and repressed as soon as possible  ;D
I just saw the new toystore, it looks awesome. Can\'t Wait for the like buttons, im gonna like every album! ;D
It would be mine...if I ever saw it in a guitar store near me
QuoteI spy a picture in a frame behind Papa Bucket... could it be our boy?
if they are pictures of him, then I think he looks really young in them. By the way, this song/video is so funkin\' awesome.  ;D
After hearing this song and Crack the Sky it makes me think that Buckethead is gonna release a lot of really good music this year. Cant wait for any new albums!!!!  ;D
Does anyone know when the Buckethead Signature LP Studio guitar is going to be released? I\'ve been looking all over the web for a release date, and didn\'t find one...just wondering if any you bots knew about it  ;D