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I thought it was pretty cool to hear the Giant Robot song "Seek and Destroy" from Siren 19 in a behind the scenes video for the new Call of Duty game, so I thought I would share the video with all my fellow bots!


You have to have a Youtube account to see it, though. If you do see it, you can just skip to 1:25, thats when it starts playing.

It says Buckethead is going to be on a new album with Lawson Rollins called Elevation. The album is going to be released October 18th this year. Its supposed to be Spanish style music. Cant wait to hear it!!  ;D
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Foxboro show
August 31, 2011, 05:53:15 pm
Ok, last night I saw Buckethead for the first time, and it was the greatest show ive ever been to. I was up front at the far left side of the stage, and i brought my bucket. i also picked up Underground Chamber, Look Up There, and a t-shirt. Wolff surprised me a bit, i thought his opening act would suck, but i thought it was real enjoyable. When Buckethead came on to the stage, i went pretty wild. After mind blowing performances of some of his songs, he did his usual nunchuk/robot dancing/toy handout. I gave him my bucket (but then after looking at it he gave it back) and i was the first person to get a toy! it was a trainset ;D he had to stop playing Jordan twice because first i think he got carpal tunnel and second because his equipment started screwing up. Third time it kicked ass. He even played a REALLY funky versionComputer Master, which really made me happy because I wanted him to play that. He ended the night with Welcome to Bucketheadland. The audience tried to get him to play an encore, but they gave up after cheering for him at about 20 seconds. But this show was completely amazing, and it was the best way to end my summer. I am one happy bot  ;D
"A new Buckethead album is due to be relased. It is said to be titled Grandma\'s Old Chicken Wire Hat. The entire album will be piano and some percussion. A date is to be announced but a source claims it could be out as early as july 25th." - Wikipedia
Considering how secretive Buckethead is, I dont think this album is going to happen. But I thought I should ask the other bots about it...Does anyone know anything about this album, or is it just someone vandalizing Wikipedia?
Does anyone know when the Buckethead Signature LP Studio guitar is going to be released? I\'ve been looking all over the web for a release date, and didn\'t find one...just wondering if any you bots knew about it  ;D