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Your art, music, projects and links / Bingejamin Music
February 11, 2020, 04:53:18 am
I'm gonna blow the dust off here. Here is a link to the music I write, record, and produce myself. If anyone sees this link and listens, I hope you enjoy what you hear.

TDRS artists, music and related topics / Vinyl?
November 06, 2019, 03:29:03 am
Hey Travis, I hope you have been well. I saw on Facebook you've been building a new studio, and honestly, I can't wait to see what the future holds for it.

I know you're busy with that, but I was just thinking recently about a time that Axiology was going to be pressed on vinyl if there were enough preorders. I was starting to think, with vinyl sales on the rise, would it be a possibility of having albums that were recorded at TDRS pressed on vinyl? Whether it's Thanatopsis albums, Iconography, Dragons of Eden, Owl Dives, or Gorgone...I don't expect it to happen but I think it could definitely spark interest.

What are your thoughts?
Hey Travis, I was wondering if you ever do any live shows/open mic performances? Have you done any recently? Do you have plans to perform in the near future?

Check it out...there's some cool stuff to find!

Hey Travis...if there is an extra copy of Shadows Between the Sky, you should TOTALLY reserve one for me  ;)
This is so cool though. I have pretty much everything there except for the Viggo CD and the original Enter the Chicken. I'll have to be on that page like a hawk to see if anything I don't have pops up!
Awesome to see this back in the store Travis. Will there be anything else popping up in the near future? Or is this all for now?

Hey Travis, how have you been? It's been a while since we've heard from you. Anything going on in the studio? Any cool new music/videos coming our way?
Personalized, and there's plenty of them! Plus, one of them says "The Embalmer" on it, and another says "The Slunk Who Crossed the Road"....could these be references to Pike 11?!

Check it out! Videos from the St. Louis show back in 2012 are being uploaded! And it looks like they're being uploaded from the cameras PSticks would set up!

I promise Travis that this will be the last time I ever post this question, but I was just thinking about it. Is there any speculation on when Shadows will be repressed?
It's finally here! Pike 7 is available for download at the new Pikes Download Store! CD will be available soon.

A load of them! But none on the east coast  >:( Even some in Canada?! Could this be a sign of an international tour??  :o

I had noticed that this album went out of print for a little bit, and now it has been restocked. I just wanted to thank you, Travis, because I haven't had the chance to buy this yet.
Check it out! - http://bucketheadpikes.com/

Hmmm...I wonder what Pike 7 will be like?  ::)
Happy birthday to the world's greatest guitarist: Buckethead! Hope you have a fantastic day!  :D
Buckethead has released the 6th pike, "Balloon Cement". 12 songs of pure awesomeness.  ;D
Can't give the link to Itunes, but the name of the album is "Twisted Metal Original Soundtrack" and the name of the song is "Ready to Die". It is pretty much just a really cool remix of Peak. I also think Buckethead might be on the song "Race to Destruction" but it is most likely Larry Lalonde. But it's still a cool song!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAa06tjWNQ8 - Ready to Die
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSpZu001Vvc - Race to Destruction
Its the start of a 2012 tour! Check out the dates!


Hopefully there will be more soon  ;D
I wanna wish all the bots, Travis, and Buckethead a very happy New Year! It\'s 12:04 where I am as I am posting this, and we have already entered 2012  ;D
Hey Travis...I was wondering if there is anything you could tell us about Shadows and Pepper\'s being repressed? Im still looking for a copy of Shadows. Thanks for any information you can give us!  :)