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Messages - A Day Will Come

Will TDRS or Bucketheadpikes be selling this album or should we expect to purchase it via Amazon?
My guesses are Stingray and Aquamarine . Thanks for doing this bucketdog!
Thanks for the responses guys, it\'s much appreciated! And I\'d love it if he plays Lebron and the Untitled Ballad, but it seems as if he\'s stopped playing them in the last few months of the tour.
Hey guys, I\'m just bumping this thread since I\'m going to the Memphis show on 10/11 and was wondering what Buckethead\'s setlist has been like during his 2011 tour. Thanks, and maybe I\'ll see some of you there!
I noticed a few more tour dates for those interested:

Thursday, September 8 

Awful Arthur\'s Towers    
Roanoke, VA
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Sunday, September 25

Vinyl Music Hall
Pensacola, FL
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Monday, September 26
WorkPlay Theatre      
Birmingham, AL
Visit The Venues Web Site

Thursday, September 27
Huntsville, AL
Visit The Venues Web Site
I\'m still keeping my fingers crossed for a Memphis/Nashville/Little Rock area tour date.
What I recommend:

A Real Diamond in the Rough
The Elephant Man\'s Alarm Clock
Decoding the Tomb of Bansheebot
Inbred Mountain
Chicken Noodles

So many others are up there as well that I\'m not listing (Shadows Between the Sky, Pepper\'s Ghost, the three Thanatopsis albums, etc.) but the ones listed are some of my personal favorites. And obviously try and get Population Override if possible, but I doubt you can find that for cheap these days.
I watched the entire recording earlier today, and I must say that I was really impressed with Buckethead\'s playing. He really seemed to be on his game that night, and hearing the untitled ballad for the first time was something else. I hope he starts playing it in the remainder of his shows!
welp, I completely missed that thread. Thanks for sharing  deeg, I was beginning to wonder what was taking so long.
just bought the song on iTunes... simply put, Buckethead never ceases to amaze me. The song is obviously great, but the fact that he\'s donating all of the profits to relief efforts in Japan makes all of this that much more special. I\'m really honored to buy his music in support of such a great cause.
Just came in here to post how awesome the new song is. I\'ve been pretty busy the past few days, so opening up the homepage just a few minutes ago and seeing the new song put a huge smile on my face before I even heard it! And the solo is just amazing!
My favorites are tracks 3, 5, 8, 9, and 10. Track 9 is my favorite on the album since it basically has all the elements of Buckethead\'s music. Such an epic solo at the end too. Solid album throughout though, absolutely loving it!
wee just grabbed one, so awesome of Buckethead to do this during this time of the year!
Quotewhoever won it congrats you rich SOB enjoy it ;)

seriously, I wish I had that much to throw around for something like this. Anyways, congrats to the winner!
QuoteI\'m gonna travel from Sweden to see this :) Would be cool to meet up with some of you US bots while I\'m there :)!

That\'s awesome! Hopefully when more tour dates are announced we can start a thread stating which shows people are planning to attend. Should be a nice way to meet fellow Bots we\'d otherwise not meet in real life.  :)