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QuoteMy knee-jerk response to this is yes it is the best of 2010, but man I\'m still gonna need some more listens as I really LOVED ARDITR

definitely, i would have to say i did enjoy ARDITR better than Shadows, but in my mind this truly tops both of them, as its a true combination of the two and the outcome is mind-blowing!
Just finished listening, overall this album is a very solid, soothing, calm release, very much a cross between ARDITR and Shadows Between The Sky, this album is by far his best work of 2010 i\'m sure everyone here would agree. Great start to it and an ending that just makes you extremely happy with your purchase.

Amazing new release Buckethead! this one is a keeper  8)
Fantastic new release, this in my mind is the highlight of his 2010 albums so far
Awesome!!! Thank you Buckethead  8)
ordered both! thanks again Travis and Buckethead!  8)
Awesome news Tavis!  :D Thanks! 8)
QuoteThanks. Yes I\'m working on several things at once. I hope to have something out not too long from now.

Great new Travis!  :D thank you  for the updates 8)
i love all of Buckethead\'s work with Travis, Dragons of Edens, Gorgone, both Chicken Noodles CD\'s, Running After Deer, Iconography, its all fantastic. 8)

i love the keyboard and guitar combo\'s, both of those always combined together make beautiful music, especially with Travis, Big B and Brain with those killa beats!
Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but its simple in my mind, if you dont like it, dont buy it., yeah sure, Buckethead\'s release\'s at this point in time are nothing that would blow your mind away like other things he has put out, but again, they aren\'t horrible by any means.

I will agree with you on Best Regards, the majority of it was noodling, but there where indeed 1 or 2 tracks i really liked.

Spinal clock was ok, there was a few tracks on there i liked better than others, but none of it was unlistenable, all very experimental, if people are open to new things like that, like myself, good for them.

Kind Regards is definatley more structured than Best Regards was, named tracks and much more shortened,
structured songs are in the majority and some noodling here and there as-well, plus there is more variety and more room for each individual artist to expand on their own music style seeing as they have their own disc this time around.

Brain as Hammenoodle, is a pretty good album if your into Buckethead\'s works with Brain like Kevin\'s Noodle House, alot of real cool bass binges in this, and naturally brain is always a great welcomed addition.

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stupid eBay  ::) ya can never trust it. theres good things on there, but the only thing you have to watch out for is rips