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At first thought, i composed a softer song, but in the end didn\'t like it, so i switched to a heavier shred type, Hope this is enjoyed

Thanks again to bucketdog and badgerbot for their generosity
that is p-sticks, Buckethead\'s main roadie during live shows who wears the surgical mask

i should have my video up by next week definitely, i\'ll have to go out this weekend and buy some better recording equipment, but it\'s just strictly drums and only drums as your accompaniment correct? no other instruments? i do have a killer back track with drums, piano and a bass line that i really dig though  ::) ;D
QuoteI volunteer to listen, and I\'ll match Bucketdog\'s fifty bucks to double the prize.

righteous! 8)
You could record the song and then make a video out of it and upload to youtube.

Thanks for the info
count me in, does it HAVE to be a video? or can it be just audio? that would work best for me at the moment
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: BH hoodies
November 07, 2010, 02:15:29 am
i\'m all in for the hoodies idea, TDRS gear would be sweet as-well

isn\'t he on the physically unable to perform list right now?  Heck, i\'m 35 y.o. and i consider myself old.  

He is just re-cooperating and taking a bit of a much needed break i would say, and i wouldn\'t consider 35 or even 41 be to "old" as Alex said look at Ozzy (61) and the Stones in which all current members are in there mid to later 60\'s as-well
Quoteold guy with the bad back

go for some type of disembodied head that squirts blood or other severed body parts, somethin like that ;D
Killer Grabbag of Shards is an interactive CD-ROM
featuring live concert footage from Buckethead performances, but they aren\'t the best of quality, here\'s some youtube links of what\'s on the CD-ROM
Congrats, Buckethead!  8)
QuoteOk, I got word that indeed a hard copy will be available and we will be selling them here. Probably within the next few days a page will be posted here with details and a pre-order sale.
Actual release date will be announced sometime later.

I\'ll post a new thread when the pre-sale goes up.

Fantastic news! i will be purchasing a physical copy as-well  8)
MJ would be proud, Salute! 8)