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With all the excitement about a tour, don\'t forget there are still two perfectly good, premium spots available on the contestant list.  This could be your last chance [for a while], in the lull before the shred-storm, to showcase your stuff.  Don\'t miss out, sign up now!
Thanks for getting GB7 back, Bucketdog.  I\'m in full agreement with your notes on the project.  Welcome back Asylum!
Well, Boxenstein has cleared this whole thing up for me.  My copy of album has the same title.

I think that pre-releasing the album without song names or art provided us bots with some extra fun.  I am more interested in the art and imagery that comes with the labeled version of the album than the names and words.  After all the shapes and forms and colors that the music has inspired for me, I\'m mighty curious as to what the new album looks like, and what sort of attitude or frame of reference it presents.

I\'ve written a few books.  Let me tell you, give a blank manuscript without a description of content for the back cover and art on the front cover and you\'ll not get anyone to read it.  The cover, a few words indicating idea and direction, and the scope presented by finished book are what get people oriented and interested.  Our perception is quickly and dramatically narrowed by these clues and we\'re straightjacketed to be spoon-fed storylines we now expect, complete with our ideas of them instead of the author\'s ideas.

If someone started re-naming my books and chapter titles, I would probably think they had missed various boats.  However, we all have different psychological archaisms and personal stories that shape our individual perception.  We each watch a different movie of the exactly same world.  Editors mess with by verbiage, but it doesn\'t affect my internal picture.  We won\'t change the Bucket\'s viewpoint.  I suppose there\'s no harm in lighthearted goofing around in the meantime.

The untitled album lets my [somewhat pschyco-technicolor-acidtripthey oftenask] mentality play with the sounds and what they generate for me.  After this digestion and internalization of the music and after watching the pictures that run through my head and feeling the feelings that come up, it\'s going to be really fun to see what the Bucket put on the album for words and pictures.

I\'m having fun not knowing the titles and not having the usual leads to my interpretation of the world around me.  There seems to be much more to life than the titles those around me put on things.  The Bucket fills my vision with shapes and sounds and ideas.  I always listen to his albums from start to finish.  I can give you the first notes of the next song or phrasing, every time, but I usually don\'t know the names of the individual songs.  The whole album comes across as a unit.

We got a lot of music from the Bucket in 2010.  I wouldn\'t have wanted to miss a beat of it.  The new album, for me, was another wonderful gesture from the Bucket to include me, I mean us bots, in the process of his music.  His groundbreaking, mind blowing music.  It\'s great to be a Buckethead fan.
The execution will not be delayed!
The 13th day of 2/11?  Hey, that would be two thirteens.
My take is exactly the same as nothinglost.  I keep thinking about p-sticks guiding the Bucket off stage at concerts.  The faceplate to my badgerbot armor is designed to avoid visibility restriction, but still presents a challenge in a really crowded place.  Nothinglost\'s other comments are right on point to my view.  It\'s a good thing the Bucket never says anything or we\'d all go ape-sh_t imputing hidden meanings.
Good point.  On Cobrastrike, The 13th Scroll, Buckethead is listed as "Call Him Torker 1313."
SheMouse is [TDRS] bot #1300!  How cool is that?
Dear Travis . . . um . . . never mind, I\'m gonna spend my special question on something else.
Out of respect for (1) TDRS, (2) Pawnbot, the benefactor-bot, and (3) the lady bot who was at one time present, I request that everyone take out the Bucketheadland 1 dance re-mix CD and play it really loud [perhaps twice].  That should re-set the program that appears to have gone awry here.  Happy New Year.
700 an\' sumfin and it\'s a new year and I hope this means the third "Regards" comes out because I listen to Kind Regards constantly and I\'m so looking forward to it.  This is gonna be great!
My other favorite song is Final Reparation from the first Thanatopsis album.  The album is essential Buckethead for me.  Blows me away and sends me to another place every time I hear it.  I sure would feel sorry for anyone who can\'t listen to that album.  Hey, look . . . it\'s on sale!
Traitors Gate
Mine looks a lot like #2 of "the four" ad samples.  I like it a lot.  Great album on the inside, too.
Spinal Clock #368 arrived in the two million acre forest today.