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Ahhhh . . . yes.  Very nice album cover - my imagination is working overtime already.  Thanks, Travis.
Perhaps I\'m out of my league, out of my area.  The noise is interfering with my enjoyment of Buckethead.  This is my 90th and last post.
I thought it was just plain weird that so many people disappeared after signing up and even re-signing up.  In my line of work we do far more complicated things with much less hand-holding.  Do we really need training wheels for something this simple?  I would have been happy to email or send personal messages or postal mail or carrier pigeon reminders if folks had wanted me to.  We had three sponsors, each of who could have been reached if there were questions.  Folks just disappeared or forgot.  The contest and instructions and access to the answers to any questions were here the whole time.
I\'m with you guys.  Made sense to me.  Seems like the difficulty of playing the guitar would far surpass that of remembering about the contest.  I still got a big kick out of those who showed up.  Thank you to Bucketdog and Wizard.
Yay!  When last we left Wizard, it was wax worms and shrunken heads . . .
It sounds like we could pick up a few more entries if we wait.  Sure did have fun with the ones we got.  What say everyone?
Wow! is right.  I just watched bornalive.  How very clever.  Hey Bucketdog, we should use this thread for comments on the posted entries or set up a new "comments" thread.  Folks are going to want to respond after viewing the videos.  Looking to you to tell us where to do that, I think you said here is good.

Hey, you\'re not supposed to drink that embalming fluid!
derp  derp  derp
Hello . . . Hello, anybody home?  There must be something wrong with my computer because I can\'t find half the contestants.  We had, like, more than a dozen.  Hey \'Loaf, you didn\'t happen to send those Beesweens of yours after the others, did you?
Thanks for mentioning Neil, T-dog.  The idea came through my mind as "Pythagorean Sled cruises Aristotle\'s 13th book of Metaphysics."
Yeah, sort of quiet around here.  I hope it\'s because the contestant-bots are busily at work on their projects.  There is a longer period between the announcement and actual contest than before.  This gives everyone more time to create - at least I think that\'s part of the plan.  The bots were enthusiastic when they joined and hopefully we\'ll see that excitement resurface closer to the contest.  I have high hopes for a cool "welcome back" for our Alphabot.  

We\'ve got serious talent from before, like super shredders StuntCoyote and Asylum.  My pick from contest #1, the smooth and high class Siggelump, is back.  Also, Reanimator is coming from his Castle and the Loaf is again at work.  I know Wizard and B-dog have been in production mode with their entries.  There are a lot of new contestants and I expect it will again be very hard to chose who to vote for.

This could be the best hour or so of entertainment on the Internet when we do it.  It seems like good timing to have this sort of fun in honor of the Bucket before he steps back on stage.

Still sort of quiet around here, though.
Yeah, I know what you mean.  I\'m a writer and martial artist, so I can\'t be a contestant either.  I\'m glad we got 14, though.
Er . . . like I said . . . given the 1 show announcement excitement . . . hey, Reanimator77 joined.  He\'s our friend from Castle Bucketstein!  Welcome back!  I was hoping you would participate.  Oh Bucketdog, we\'ve got your 14 contestants!
Alright!  Welcome sehol4!!