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I\'ve recieved mine yesterday!

Thank you for the fast shipping Travis,
I thought it would take longer.
But no, :)
QuoteI really don\'t know specifically about individual countries delays. I only know from what countries I get the most email asking about where their orders are. By far and away those are the UK, England mostly and Germany. Holland, not so much. Italy I have had complaints about. Japan and Australia seem to be the best.

It seems to be random as only a small amount of mail is actually stopped and checked against the invoice, but in those cases the delays can be very long. That\'s one of the reasons ( it\'s illegal is another ) that we never falsify customs forms.

Some packages are just charged VAT and moved along quickly. But in the almost 20 years I have been doing this, less than a handful of orders have actually disappeared never to be seen again. All the rest eventually showed up.

If you have been waiting on an international order over two weeks, check your invoice and make sure you entered your address correctly, if it\'s OK, you need to allow up to and sometimes a bit more that 4 weeks before you need to worry thats it\'s been lost.

As far as charges, you need to contact your local customs office and see what your country charges are. They are all different. I have have had email from people mad at me for charging extra for importing. I have nothing to do with that and have no way of knowing what or if you will be charged.

I think if you order something from another country it should be a good idea to familiarize with your particular countries import taxes and duties.

I get so many email from international customers I felt I should post something. Also it may be a good idea to start a thread for those to post your experience in your country so others have a reference about what to expect.

Ok, thank you fo the information Travis !  ;)

QuoteThese are now shipping. By tomorrows mail, all pre-orders will be mailed. Expect delivery in 3 to 7 days for the USA and we are seeing some pretty long customs delays for the UK and Germany so allow up to 4 weeks for your local customs office to process international orders.

Thank you for the information, :D

I\'m from holland will it also take some weeks to arrive?
or only Germany and the UK ?

QuoteI\'m glad I didn\'t download this one  ;D

Haha, Me to!
I want a shred album,
It\'s so long  :-/ago..

what thing, all data comes from other thread, i suggest looking into captain eo\'s voyage from page 5 onwards i think it was and More Travis request on page 2

Yes, sorry just found it before you said it..  :-[
He, Where did you find this?
Ben jij een Nederlander?
QuoteI so didn\'t click that link...

There is no mask...

I\'ve clicked, but I didn\'t know it supposed to be him.

Ill never click again. I can\'t remember the picture any more so.
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: first post
October 28, 2010, 02:35:21 pm
I would say:

Decoding the tomb of Bansheebot
The elephant\'s man alarm clock
Albino slug

And this is not an buckethead solo album but:

Dawn of the Deli Creeps.
Sounds cool!

Thank you very much Travis!  ;D ;D ;D
[glb]I have never saw critism about Albino Slug.
However I think it\'s very cool almost every song is cool...
Peak is my favorite song :o,
QuoteIf you don\'t know by now, buckethead loves filming himself. And has done many DVDs and VHS tapes. I gotta feeling another DVD is gonna be coming out in the next 5-8 years. With stuff from 2006 - whenever it gets released. I think when he gets close to retiring he will sell a DVD of himself over the years unmasked for his final piece of work(and for retirement money, I\'ll buy!). Along with other footage. Anyone else have that hunch too? I have a feeling something like that will be fourthcoming.

hmm, I don\'t think this would happen. But if it happend it would be very cool.

And I think Buckethead will never stop with making music :). Mabye he will produce not that many albums but i think he will keep on making music till he can\'t play the guitar anymore.