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Messages - FishingBall

yes, that wuld be nice
Just got them.
This is were I was waiting for.

Thank you  8)
I thought Best Regards was OK, You all didn\'t hear the albums so please wait till you heard them and than discuss about it.
QuoteSo Kind Regards isn\'t limited edition/signed?

If this is the case I might wait a while for this one

No it isn\'t signed,
You see, Of kind Regards there are far more songs. So there will be more songs we like ;)

Best Regards has 14 songs? and I like 8 of them.

Brain as Hamenoodle; Don\'t know what to excpect....
i\'ve ordered yesterday directly when I saw it.

greetz from the lowlands
You mean, why does your butt hurt? Well, it doesn\'t. Thank you for your concern, how kind of you. You must know all about being "butthurt" if you think it would cause discomfort and make people type a certain way.  I was only pointing out that you had a BH signature guitar... Have a great day and take care of that butt.

Yes, I feel at fault. But this the first contest I\'ve hosted. Next ones will be better...for everyone.

This contest was cool, Thank you for the opportunity!  ;D
I would have loved to join but Í´m very busy at school. Next time I will join.

You did great. Thanks  ;)
Stuntcyote .  

That\'s funny.
Only $6
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: BH hoodies
November 07, 2010, 11:31:10 am
I also want those hoodies.
I\'ll buy for sure!

Personally I understand all sides of the arguments,(except certain selfish immature justifications) and what i agree with doesn\'t really matter here. The argument that everyone downloads illegally is crap tho, I have never done that and know lots of people who haven\'t.

I do find it strange that people come to the record label of an artist to say they just uploaded the entire album they just bought.

Or even a song or two,  I mean if the artist or label wanted to provide samples don\'t you think they would have done that? Why do people feel its up to them to give samples?

If someone wants to upload songs on youtube i\'m not going to chase them down and make a big fuss.. but as a fan to see someone coming here and mentioning that it is on youtube, its frustrating because some people will interpret this as saying "look guys you don\'t have to buy the album cause i uploaded it."

personally I dont understand a lot about the current state of humanity, but thats another large topic.

Yes, I agree actually with you.
And yet again ,sorry

It could have been I wanted atation or something or a lot of views. And now I even don\'t now why I even started that thread.
Sometimes I just feel so stupid from what i\'ve done.
I shouldn\'t have begin that thread.
Please don\'t see me as dumb, I\'am not.

what do I need to say more....
not good enough

Sorry, but I don\'t want to upset anybody. I just want to let the people hear an example of the albums. And yes first I uploaded almost whole Brain as Hamenoodle, I shouldn\'t have done that. I was that day away and I felt fucked the whole because I couldn\'t remove them. Everybody makes foults, sorry.

But just those 2 examples both short songs.
Is that ok?
Some people are really happy I did it.

And I don\'t want to have a fight with someone.
QuoteI got mine minutes ago, here in the Swamp the mail has been skrewy of late.

one ity bity question in the Brain Kind Regards double sided?

or does everyone have a faceless Disc??

cause Buckets Disc is White Melissas Disc is Red... ???

opps thats two bity ity questions... ack my bad.

Chris DiCicco

YEs the brain cd doesn\'t have a colour.

I have it to, everyone has it.

Yep great\'ve continued to put the entire album on youtube

Sorry, I removed 2 songs.