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Your post should have been singular not PLURAL! Jerk! Got me all excited for nothing... It\'s all good though. Whateveas.
QuoteFirst of all, Welcome to TDRS!!!!!

Top 5 Albums I reccomend:

1) Inbred Mountain (pure experimental love)
2) Elephant Man\'s Alarm Clock (bucket funk)
3) The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell (big b going apeshit on his axe)
4) Decoding the Tomb of Bansheebot (the evil pepper\'s ghost)
5) A Real Diamond in the Rough (emotionally rendering slabs)
Agreeeeed!!!!!!  That\'s a kick-ass list! It has all of the essential buckethead. If it was 6, I would add giant robot ntt. But as of now, giant robot is a free download. I highly recomend you make an extra purchase or donation to bucket if you download it though...
^^ Dude, I understand your frustration. I think everyone kinda went nuts and it\'s all good now ;D

I really appreciate how much you have been enjoying my song. However, please be more polite if possible when speaking about the other contestants work. I know they all put a lot of time into their work. I know I did... I spent the better part of 2 weeks working on my song and then another 4 days perfecting the solo to my liking. Then I spent a few days picking movie clips I liked and then spent another 8 hours straight editing and splicing them with my friend. So all in all I have about 108 hours of work into that video I did, including the song and solo composition. And I would be very hurt if someone trashed my work. You\'re a good dude, just try to be a little more considerate 8) rock on!

Peace and chicken,
^^ to be honest I don\'t think it was the feedback we got that caused the upset. I think we were trying too hard to get the contest back on track in a smooth fashion. And the feedback was counterproductive at that point in time. I\'m not saying your guys feedback was not informal or positive --Feedback is a good thing-- .Just bad timing. We def did not want drama. That\'s for sure.  
^^^ Badger contributed to the contest funds. So he kinda does have a say in this regard. Also, Badger is one of the nicest bots on this forum I know...

I wanna make something real clear to those who have an issue with the way the contest has been run. First off, not one of the contestants has complained with the progression of this contest. The rules and due dates were absorbed by the people that it pertained to (the contestants). I don\'t really think it\'s a big deal if you missed out on the minor details PERTAINING TO THE CONTESTANTS.

If you are not contending, all you need to know is the information I have provided in the official contest thread: Pick a bot\'s work you like with a vote and that\'s it! I dunno why people are stressing this so much. I am seriously perplexed.

In closing: please try to enjoy this contest for what it is. A lot of hard work and money has been put into this. This for fun and something extra to do at TDRS and to support buckethead.

Peace and Chicken,

Whoa, looks like a bunch of comedians come here too!


Bucketdog posts contest details....

People show more interest....

bucketdog allows more time for the prospect of a bigger field because that would be more fun...

Contest update WITH dates are posted to tdrs...

People drop out...

 bucketdog allows a little more time for others to fill in...

Contest begins

Now let me ask you...Whats so convoluted about that? This is not the olympics, people. This is a fan made small time contest. So yeah, whatever........................ .
QuoteIs it okay if I upload anoter version of my song but with a bit better quality?

I didn\'t change the song ;)

Hey, this is post 100 !
Yes sir, that\'s perfectly fine ;)

QuoteOne riff reminds me of Traveling Morgue.
I listened to traveling morgue and it\'s close, yes. But I did not intend or try for it to be the same and nor did I want it to sound the same. I guess after listening to bucket for so long his influence just sticks with ya; and yeah, this is the tune I was concerned about sounding too much like "crack the sky". But it didn\'t, just a small part or two, barely noticeable.

On another note...I\'m a little disappointed with the turn out of the contest. I thought we were gonna have more people. When I posted the "contest update" thread I got over 10 people confirming their spot... This will prolly be the last contest I host here unless more people post by later tonight. Everyone who has posted so far has great songs, atmosphere and effort. I\'ve listed to all the entries several times and have jammed along with a few too. I wanna see more. I\'m really enjoying the music! And that\'s what this contest is about.

 Thank you (everyone) for all the positive feedback. Enjoy the contest.


@ ASTRALTRAVELER if you\'re reading this, please remove your comment from the offical contest thread and move it here. I\'m all about supporting our fellow bots with nice comments. But please do it here. I just want videos and votes on that thread. Thanks man!

@bornalive - cool friggin video bro! I\'m totally digging the ambient creepy vibe from the video, and your song kicks ass too!

I can\'t wait to see everyone elses videos! this is gonna be our best contest yet!
On saturday morning (est) I\'ll post a new thread for the contest videos. So be ready to post! Voting will start sunday after all the videos have been submitted.

If anyone is late, PM me the youtube link and I\'ll add your submission to my post, with your name and link so we can stay organized.
^^^ no, I have not listened to the new LE for about 2 weeks. I\'m more of a 1989-1998 fan. That time period was my favorite of bucket\'s music. I love the newer stuff too...
ISSUE: The song I wrote is extremely like the new song bucket just posted to his new site. I sent a copy to wizardbeard a few days ago before the new page with the basketball dude was even posted. I just don\'t want people to think I ripped his song off for the contest. pm me your email if ya wanna hear it. The final completed material will be posted on YouTube.

EDIT: After listening to the new BH song a few more times... My song has some similarities, but it\'s not as bad as I thought. Didn\'t mean to bug. Wizard...?
comments, complaints, complements, beheadings, slunk mutilation, concerns, taxidermy lessons and thoughts for/on the contest can be posted here  ;)
Hopefully it\'ll get redesigned... They are prolly re-making it due to an increased interest in buckethead. Smart business move if you ask me and good for big-b! I won\'t lie, if the pick-ups are improved and if the body isn\'t 10 feet thick I\'ll buy one up for sure. I LOVE guitars with-out inlays. That\'s part of the reason I bought my ESP because the inlays are not really noticeable.