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The solo after the drum break...is...well...how do I say... AMAZING! Holy shit, it\'s out of controll!
Around the 4 minute mark.
So most of you know who I am and that I\'m a very controversial comment and thread poster here... I speak my mind and I am kind of an ass-hole(I admit it). Well that\'s me, and who I am...

However I feel we should all come togeather and do something nice for Travis and Buckethead. We should have a day, every other month that all (who can afford to) of us buy a cd or download from here that we don\'t have in our collection. I tell you what, if you haven\'t heard thanatopsis stuff yet, you\'re missing out. I just bought "axiology" and friggin love it. Anyway - - I say the day that "left hanging" is released should mark the day we start this 2 month interval process.

Continue to buy as you will, but I think the people that don\'t buy regularly, should participate. Considering most of us listen to buckethead profusley and helps make our day brighter (or darker, hehehe). It\'s the least we could do for all the great stuff they have done for us over the years and the great music we will have for the rest of our lives...

All in favor say"I".
Found this page with some cool stuff related to bucket. I\'m pretty sure it\'s old news to most.

If you don\'t know by now, buckethead loves filming himself. And has done many DVDs and VHS tapes. I gotta feeling another DVD is gonna be coming out in the next 5-8 years. With stuff from 2006 - whenever it gets released. I think when he gets close to retiring he will sell a DVD of himself over the years unmasked for his final piece of work(and for retirement money, I\'ll buy!). Along with other footage. Anyone else have that hunch too? I have a feeling something like that will be fourthcoming.
    I call bull-shit on these 2 items... Any opinions?

Possibly fake - (correct link) KFC skin piles autograph


And WTF, buy it now $200.00 unsigned? -

So probably most of us are guitar players here, right? Well, what if bucket made his fans a "play-along" album. Like the music he brings with him instead of bringing a band at his shows. Just backing tracks. Guitar pro for the back-up tracks sounds unnatural and too digital to jam with. If he did a 40 song album of backing-tracks I would buy it in a heartbeat! I can play 20+ buckethead songs and would love to get the actual backing-tracks buckethead composed himself.
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Jordan
September 20, 2010, 03:51:16 am
We all know, "Jordan" has to be his biggest hit as-far-as public notice is concerned. Also, the most "commercialized" tune too.
I gotta say, when he plays the solo in that tune it makes the hair on my neck stand up. It is explosive, very technical and exciting.. Even though I listen to, Jason Becker, Paul Gilbert, and many more in that caliber. The Jordan solo has to be the best solo I\'ve ever heard. Hands down...

Just thought I\'d remind everyone how badass BH is .         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5BSBiPtWqE&feature=youtube_gdata_player