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Buddhism is definately the most rational philosophy/religion.  I\'d really like to get into that more, or unitarianism, but that\'s just kinda.... well, that\'s what probably spawned those religions based on the lead singer of AFI (forget christians for a second.  THOSE kids are just freaking stupid) :-\\

Reincarnation is kinda comforting.  especially if it works in with karma to determine what you are in the next life.  it\'s very just, and rewarding to those who deserve it.

But, then again, it could be unfair to those who were taught that nothing will happen after death; life DEFINATELY doesn\'t go on.

this is what upsets me about religion:  contradiction. There are so many contradictions to statements made in the religious community which, if there were a heaven, i wouldn\'t want to miss.

     If buckethead wasn\'t a devout christian (which i doubt he is), he would burn in hell, however, if i was a devout christian, i would be in heaven, but without buckethead, which would almost be hell.

     Also, someone i know went to a church group and asked how dogs can get into heaven.  the lady running the group said "Well, dogs don\'t have a soul, only humans do."  Not only do i think that\'s complete condescending bullshit, but if i ever got to heaven and didn\'t meet up with my first dog (who died tragically, but was the most kind-hearted dog you could ever hope to meet), i wouldn\'t be totally happy in heaven.

It\'s that crap that makes me think.  Sometimes I wish I was raised in church and brainwashed to "know" that there is a god, a heaven, and that i\'m going there if I don\'t have sex before the government and god tell me i have a bond with a woman.

I\'m way ahead of that one though; I won\'t be able to get any action until i find a girl willing to marry me, so i can be in a state of forced abstinence.  if that makes sense  ;D

What was I talking about again?  

Oh yeah, Buddhism=good.  Christianity=kinda silly at times, but still what i consider myself.  Contradictions in theory=Bad.

End ramblin\'.
That may be alright to you, but i find it to be a scary thing.  i wanna live on.  i don\'t care if we won\'t mind it.  i want my brain to keep moving, i wanna go to another place, be it heaven, hell, down the river styx, or even in the body of another one... i wanna keep going.

i know that\'s probably hard to understand, but being a youngin, i think i worry more about it.  most people come to terms with that stuff later in life.
Crap like that, the left behind books, and ultra orthodox religion, it makes me sick.

I\'d like there to be an afterlife, but if it\'s on terms like that... I don\'t know, i don\'t know how bad it would be to cease to exist (and i\'d never know, which makes it the scariest)

HAs anyone ever really tried to think about that?  it scares me.  cuz you know, all we know is how to live, not how we don\'t live...  it would be nothingness... oh man.... oh gosh.... i don\'t know.
I don\'t wanna take everyone off topic, but did anyone see that movie Shattered Glass? it\'s the true story of a New Republic writer who faked half of his articles, and got in big trouble for it.  

Cool movie.

General Discussion / Re: Ozzfest 2005
August 21, 2005, 05:14:48 pm
Dude, it would have been sooo awesome to see Maiden.  There the one band that i actually consider going to ozzfest to see.

I hate it when there\'s a big festival and two bands you really wanna see are playing, but then it\'s a 50 dollar festival and you\'re like... it\'s not worth it to see the bands from a crappy view and only for a half an hour.

Luckily, that festival i just referrenced has come and gone, I didn\'t go, and the exact same bands i wanted to see are both coming to town in the fall.  Hooray
General Discussion / Binge and Grab
January 16, 2006, 06:11:09 pm
Can anyone get on this site?  I\'m sure many of you have been there, but as of recent it keeps sayign i\'m not allowed access to this page.

It\'d be a real drag if B&G went offline.  If someone could just try and go there (http://www.bingeandgrab.com) and see what happens, I\'d find it great, thank you.
General Discussion / Re: Memory lane
July 30, 2005, 05:52:44 pm
QuoteThere is a recent audio interview here http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4697875 90 years old and still picking!

Man, that is some crazy stuff.  He\'s even putting out a new album.  Awesome awesome stuff, even if you don\'t like big bands, hahah.
General Discussion / Re: Memory lane
February 09, 2005, 03:37:29 am
Quoteyep, you\'re following me - semi - or electified - not the same as a fully electric guitar.

keep learning little brother - can\'t wait to hear you play in person some day.

Trust me, you can.  I\'m knowledgeable about my guitars and stuff, but I don\'t know shit about music and I have the feeling that my fingers will be retarded for at least another year.

Haha, actually, I think I\'m just down on myself because I can\'t play as fast as buckethead.  That\'s just my mentality; I look at my fingers and go "christ, fingers, what\'s the problem? " it\'s like i think that i\'m buckethead or vai sometimes, hahah.
General Discussion / Re: Memory lane
February 08, 2005, 11:23:08 pm
gkg, techincally, an electric guitar is an electric guitar.  But the distinction you\'re thinking of is the fact that Les Paul made a solid-body electric, like Travis said.  That means it\'s all electric, and have no sound holes.

for example, les pauls are solid-bodys, as are fender strats, and buckethead\'s flying v\'s.

however, these guitars http://www.epiphone.com/images/N_05new5.jpg are semi-electrics, which was similar to what Christian used.

... I think  ;D
General Discussion / Re: Memory lane
February 08, 2005, 03:05:10 am
but i was right about the Charlie Christen part!  That\'s good for a youngin like me, right?

the link was an interview and bio.  It mentioned the log, but I didn\'t know much about it.
General Discussion / Re: Memory lane
February 07, 2005, 10:47:26 pm
Neat stuff.

But while Les Paul practically invented the electric guitar, Charlie Christen played one first. :)
General Discussion / Re: Memory lane
February 05, 2005, 06:18:57 pm
Les Paul as in the guitarist?  I thought he was a big swing guitarist and stuff, stuff that would go in front of a big band....

Eh, now that I\'m listening yeah i guess that\'s more of a country thing.  My bad, i\'ve still got some listening to do.

Les Paul was pretty darn good though.
General Discussion / Re: Rubber Johnny
July 03, 2005, 07:03:29 am
I guess all that British slang talk got me confused.  

I thought after Shaun of the Dead I was ready for british film but boy oh boy did i not understand th is one.
General Discussion / Re: San Diego Comic-Con!
July 21, 2005, 04:42:37 pm
Ok, time to post some of the main events of this year.

1.  The King Kong pannel followed immeadeately by a Tenacious D set:  All the actors were really funny, and watching the scene where Kong takes on the dinosaurs was really neat.  Then the D came on and just blew everyone away.  They played new songs and old, and made funny jokes, and it was no less of awesome.  It ranks up there favorite show wise with the Darkness and Buckethead with Giant Robot.  They did one song in which they talked about how proud they were that they captured all of the sound in the movie live and not lip synching later in the studio.  They then said they did have to use a beat counter for this song just because it was so complex, and with that, they launched into a lip synch fest, jack black started out at the microphone with this huge wail and then moved away from it and it was still the same sound, then commented on how he didn\'t need a microphone.  Then Kyle Gass (the guitarist) played distorted harmonized riffs on ONE acoustic guitar.  Hilarious.  That was definately the event of the whole con.

2.  The  Devil\'s Rejects pannel:  Bill Moseley is ridiculously cool from what I\'ve seen in the movie so far.  The first 10 minutes I watched, and it was pretty great.  I\'m really quite excited for this movie.

Afterwards, I happened to just be walking the same way as Bill Moseley, and I asked him about Cornbugs.  He was really nice.

3.  Walking around:  this is a fun part, cuz you meet unexpected people.  For about five minutes, I was just standing at a booth looking at a trailer, and I glanced over to my side and I noticed Seth Green (he was the son of Dr. Evil in Austin Powers and the voice of Chris on Family Guy).  I didn\'t bother him, but it was kinda cool to just be standing close to a fairly large celebrity.  My friend and I were also walking around and noticed Glenn Danzig of the Misfits sitting at a random booth.  That was neat too.  My brother also came one day and pointed out "hey, Spencer, isn\'t that Bruce Campbell over there?"  We went into line and got a little flyer signed by him.  He\'s actually a really funny guy.  We watched his new movie that\'s coming to the Sci Fi Channel; the movie was allright, but his question and answer stuff at the beginning was comedic gold.  I got his new book signed by him later at a book store too.  That\'s pretty funny as well.

That\'s about all I can think of.  Twas good though!

General Discussion / Re: San Diego Comic-Con!
July 13, 2005, 10:48:29 pm
Quotesounds like a hell of a lot of fun, but sadly we\'ll not be heading there.  be sure to post a tale of your exploits for us!

have fun, man!

I sure will, in fact, i will recall a couple from last years just because it was awesome.

1)  My friend Grant and I love this Japanese toy company called Secret Base.  They have cool toys and clothes.  So, near the Toy Tokyo booth last year, we saw a guy with a Secret Base hat, and went up to talk to him.  He didn\'t speak American, but he got the gist of it.  A couple minutes later we see him again this time with another person who was wearing Secret Base gear.  Still didn\'t speak American.  He took the guy\'s hat and put it on Grant\'s head and gave us Secret Base toys and these neat almost cloth-like stickers.  We were amazed at his generosity, and somebody that speaks american asked us if we knew who he was.  Turns out the guy\'s name was Hiddy, and he was the owner/creator of Secret Base.  We had to sit down for five minutes afterwards, calling our friends and telling them what just happened.

2)  I went to the question panel for The Devil\'s Rejects, and asked Bill Moseley a question about Cornbugs!  That was where I heard about donkeytown for the first time.  Afterwards I shook his hand and he thanked me for asking the question and asked if I had Brain Circus.  I then proceeded to tell him my very cool story of how I obtained Brain Circus and he said "good for you!" before I went out the door and a security guard started blocking everyone from the cast because everyone wanted to meet Rob and Sherri Zombie.

Also, this one time, I was like just standing around, and there was a big hubbub around me, and I was like, what the hell is going on?  and i turned around and looked to see what was going on, and lo and behold, QUENTIN TARAN-freaking-TINO was walking no less than ten feet away from me.  I was mezmerized.