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It is true I don\'t know anything about the current political state of our country or anything, so therefore i don\'t really have a veritable opinion on this subject.

That said-I really dislike Michael Moore.  I\'m not republican, and I don\'t think my immeadeate family is either, I just don\'t think people should actually watch his films and take in information on that.  They\'re pretty chopped and edited heavily to the point of entertainment, not for information.

Another thing I think about when I visit typically liberal boards on the internet is that while everyone here hates Bush, there\'s still a majority in America that prefers them over Kerry or anything the Democratic party had to dish out.  

So... I don\'t know.  I\'m just gonna keep living life, and ignore the important things until nuclear war strikes and then i\'ll start complaining about how the world\'s gonna end.  Cuz, let\'s face it-short of a magical rock group that changes the world indefinately for the good a la Wyld Stallyns ("Bowling scores are way up, and mini-golf scores are WAY down"), there\'s no way to stop the madness that happens in this world except selective genocide, but then again, who are we to decide who dies?  

 :-[ :P

For the record, I\'m not trying to talk against you, I really really respect you from what i\'ve read earlier, i\'m just kinda ramblin\', cuz I\'m a kid, and I need to emote if i wanna turn out to be sane when I grow up.
Did you guys watch Girl in the Cafe?  It was about the G8 meeting, and one guy trying to help the starving people in Africa, and he brings along this mysterious girl who seems to be a political activist....

It was really neat.  It may still be on HBO.

That london thing is really a drag.  I think it also sucks that people are already pointing fingers of blame every which way, and not focusing on the fact that a lot of people are dead and injured and that that is a bad thing.  
Political and Social Discussions / V For Vendetta
August 06, 2005, 06:44:11 am
I don\'t know if you guys have heard of this movie, but it seems really intereslting.


I mention this in this forum because it poses an interesting question about terrorism and when it\'s right or whether it\'s right at all.  

It\'s pretty much about a very controlled society (i think 1984 when watching the preview) and focuses on a masked man who fights the system and causes chaos to try and overthrow the government in favor of his ideals(which, in fact, is the definition of terrorism according to my history book).  It\'s kinda cool because the character that\'s masked is masked to make him more of an idea than a person.  Really interesting.

It should get a lot of flak when it comes out, but it looks like it can be good.  It\'s got Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving in it (Mr. Smith from the Matrix and Elrond from LOTR), and is written by the wachowski brothers, who write really smartly.

Interesting side topic, did you know one of the wachowskis actually had a sex change?  He ran away with a professional dominatrix who took him/her on as her slave.  Really weird.  S/he likes to be called Linda now I suppose.  

I smell a remake of Glen or Glenda!  hahahaha.

Cuz... Glen or Glenda is a movie about a transexual, and v for vendetta was also based on a graphic novel.

I thought it was funny.   :P
Political and Social Discussions / Re: im confused
July 01, 2005, 08:03:08 pm
QuotePoint well taken, spencer! You\'ll have a chance to see more people & different views as time goes on.

Yeah, I find that I say the stupidest crap sometimes online, and realize that it\'s not the usual people i hang out with.  Therefore i have handfulls of stereotypes that are unjustly put together.

I\'ll learn as time goes on though.  I\'ve got a lot of time.
Political and Social Discussions / Re: im confused
June 30, 2005, 06:09:09 am
Ah, valid points, but you must remember, the atheists I know are not like you.  They\'re jackass kids like me who think they\'re better than everyone else because they don\'t believe in "fairy tales."

You have an extensive reason for your beliefs, they don\'t other than "it\'s stupid to believe in god cuz there is none.  My parents don\'t let me stay out past midnight, but I do anyways because they\'re bible thumpers and I hate them."  Shit like that.  

Funny story:  This one time, a person who was raised as an atheist his entire life says that I was brainwashed for having a strong belief in a higher power and an afterlife.  The funny part is the brainwashing.  It\'s actually somewhat ironic, because I\'ve never been to a church in my life or had formal religious training, but he\'s been brought up to think I did and to think I\'m stupid for doing so.

That\'s why i personally don\'t like atheists, it\'s because of the ones I know.  Again, there\'s a world I have yet to see, and lack of seeing it skews my opinion.
Political and Social Discussions / Re: im confused
June 29, 2005, 05:05:18 pm
What do atheists believe?

They believe in a disbelief in God.  (was this a real question?)  I feel this makes them just as stupid as they think Christians are because there\'s nothing out there that really tells them that there isn\'t a god.  Just because they don\'t believe in a higher power doesn\'t make them smarter.

My thought on the subject is, if you wanna be smart, agnosticism is the way to go.
Political and Social Discussions / Re: oh lovely
June 29, 2005, 05:02:20 pm
I know this is probably a silly question, but if we choose to launch war on someone now, shouldn\'t it be Iran or North Korea and not Iraq?  

Even then though, who the hell are we to impose our force on everyone else?

This is why I don\'t like politics, cuz there\'s two sides to anything and there\'s no way of conversion.  It\'s just a thought process that keeps us separated.   I mean, involvement in Iraq to the majority of the people on the board would be terrible.  However, ifyou go to a major republican state they\'d probably be happy about the involvement.  And these differences keep us separated from ourselves as well as from other places.  In essence, politics and thought keep the world apart.

But even then, if someone imposed their thought on everyone a la 1984, the world would still suck.

.... Politics suck.  :P ::)
If you watch O Brother, Where Art Thou? and look at the KKK sequence and the leader talks about how evolutionists were stupid, you\'ll understand that the Christians are very, very stubborn.
Quoteyou are a very bright young man Spencer - maybe you can shine some light for your classmates?

Funny you should mention that, cuz i\'m the least politically active in the classes/school i go to.
Schools teach what the government wants them to know, they don\'t go into details about the fact that you can put beheading videos on the internet (a global connector, which makes it ridiculous to think that the US government can restrict stuff) without persecution.

However, isn\'t it illegal to own snuff movies (what the beheading video essentially is) or other indecent materials?  that\'s rather confusing.

Either way, it\'s not like the schools are gonna say "you can hate the government kids, go ahead and burn these flags if you want to."  Cuz the government pays them.  Most kids figure it out on their own though.
It was a joke, GKG.  I just suck at them :)
Considering a blog is on the internet, and ethics is nowhere to be found on the internet (except ebay and veritable online stores), i\'m going to say no because it\'s a task of impossibility.
the generosity I was surprised to see was that Linkin Park donated 100,000 bucks to the cause.  

For five or six guys, that\'s pretty nice.
My sentiments on that subject can be best expressed  by a quote from simon birch:

"I have faith... I just need proof too."

Hopefully someday I\'ll find peace in being, and that\'ll be a good day.
GKG, I\'m well aware no one knows.  i meant i wish i thought i knew, cuz then, well, i think i\'d be much much more relaxed, and hell, if it all ends, not like i\'ll have anything to say about it, right?

But i think my parents raised me right.  at least one adamantly believes in an afterlife, which i like, but the other is wary, much like myself.  i debate back and forth, meditate on the subject, and then put it in the back of my mind until it comes to context.