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You are such a robot chris moss
Thanks for the tips.  sngwthme, I\'m in the same boat as you recording wise.  Me and my friend recorded a song for his history class, and both of us (who were in a musical drama class and considered pretty good singers) were wincing at our voices.  I honestly don\'t know anyone who doesn\'t remark "Do I really sound like that?"  When hearing themselves mic\'d.  

I think just practicing has a lot to do with it, that, and well... puberty.  I was a falsetto in seventh grade, I sang that song from Oliver, "who will buy" (in retrospect, how i did that on a stage, with people watching, and not even think of the humiliation, is beyond me).  Flash forward two years later, and I can\'t sing along to Darkness songs anymore.  I used to be able to sing deep-like and high, and that was cool, but as soon as my voice changed and i became out of practice, i got screwed.  Now I try and sing, but only into a mircophone, which furthure discourages me.

Voice lessons would be awesome, but I still need to get guitar lessons, a job, and do my AP homework.   :-/  Life goes by pretty fast, if you don\'t stop and look around sometimes, you might miss it.

(that was from Ferris Bueller)
I\'d really like to be able to sing.  I used to be able to sing, but that didn\'t last past my last year of middle school.  

I miss my pipes  :\'(
hey Chris, I\'ve probably asked this before, but do you ever listen to Daft Punk?  They\'re from Europe too, and that\'s really the only techno type stuff I listen to besides yours.

The song is good, by the way.  Berryyy good.
oldfolkie-if your considering a cheap acoustic, definately go for the big baby.  it\'s better than martins at the same price range, and even a little more less.  I l;ove that big baby.
that would actually be really cool, Chris.  I want to try and make this movie as "legal" as possible so i can put it into film festivals and whatnot, and the only way I could put music in was with people i know.  I had one thanatopsis song in mind for a car scene just because it\'s an awesome song that would fit in with the film trick, but besides that, i got nothing.

So yeah, I\'ll definately talk to you about it, thanks man

veddy interesting - and strange.  in a cool way.

I figured it\'d be cliche to have a muse or something in the form of a person.  plus, it\'s easier to film that way.  I can\'t direct coffee, but people may try and act it differently.
Hey all,
I\'m really into making movies and whatnot, and since my comic isn\'t finished to show you guys, i wanna post some of my "art" in the form of a script.  It\'s kinda weird in the fact that it\'s about a talking cup of coffee, but isn\'t supposed to be totally surreal.  it\'s supposed to be silly with a little bit of funny dialogue (that\'s not in there yet, it\'s not supposed to be funny yet)

Here\'s what I have so far, and please give me criticism, i know i can count on you guys.


We see JOHNNY, an aspiring artist, sitting at a table at a generic coffee shop.  Close ups show that he is trying to write something, but to no avail.  He occasionally writes something down, thinks about it, and then scribbles it out.  An ICED COFFEE is sitting on the table next to his paper.  Exhausted, he rests his head on his paper, with a sense of failure.  A VOICE comes out of nowhere.

                  Hey Johnny, you giving up or something?

Johnny raises his head and looks around for a bit.  The place is devoid of any people.

                  (confused) who said that?
Right here Johnny.  Your vanilla iced coffee.  With half and half.
(panicked) Oh Jesus I'm schizophrenic.  I'm schizo-freaking-phrenic!
If you were schizophrenic, I wouldn't be the iced coffee you just bought.  I'd come out of nowhere, and would probably be a government agent or your college roommate.  Besides, you can't pay for one of your visions.
That's crap!  I have to be schizo, you're a talking inanimate object!
This is a lot more common than you think.
Oh yeah, my friends are always complaining about their steak trying to talk them out of eating them.  FOOD DOESN'T TALK.  I'm just crazy!
No one says anything about it, because they think they're going crazy.  Most people just eat the thing talking to avoid conversation.  You would think people would be more social to food.  It's the least they can do, we do keep them living.

Johnny still finds this all hard to swallow.  The coffee is making valid points, but it's still a cup of coffee.

Ok, if I'm not crazy, there has to be some explanation as to why you're talking.  Are you my subconscious or something?
Naw, I'm pretty sure your subconscious comes in dreams, and I can assure you this is not a dream.
... Are you a guardian angel or something?  Like a messenger of God?
Johnny, do I have wings?
No, but--
Then why would you think I'm an angel?  I don't have wings, no flowing robes, no harp... I'm a cup of coffee, man.  If you're going to compare me to something, I guess you could call me somewhat of a muse.
That's right.  I saw you struggling with whatever the hell it is you're trying to write, and decided to throw you a bone.

There is a short pause.  Johnny just STARES at the coffee (wide shot)

                  I have GOT to be crazy.
(Taken aback) Fine, you're a muse in the form of a vanilla iced coffee.
-With half and half.
Whatever, you're here now.  (leans back in chair and puts hands up) Go ahead, muse me up!
A tangible muse doesn't work like that.
I don't think there's such thing as a tangible muse, that's just a figure of speech.
Damn I picked the wrong guy to talk to.
Oh, well I'm sorry I ordered a talking coffee, you think I wanted this to happen?  No!  I wanted a tasty beverage to help get the creative juices flowing!
That's just what you got!
Wait... Can I drink you still, what are the ethics on that?
I wouldn't.  Do you really wanna drink something you had a conversation with?
More like an argument.
(Sighs) No, no you cannot drink me.
Well that was three dollars wasted.
Damn it by the time I'm done with you you're going to want to put me on your mantle and pass me on to further generations of the Marshall clan.
Well all you've been doing now is arguing with me!
Fine, guidance time.  We gotta go to Andy's house.
How do you know Andy?  And how do you know my last name?
I'm somewhat omniscient.
I think you're either full omniscient or not...  There's no inbetween.
How the hell would you know?  If I know Andy, and that you last name is Marshall, and that Susie Derkins dumped you on your birthday in the 8th grade right after you said in your mind "we're going to be together forever,"  but I don't know what happened to Andy on his seventeenth time seeing that "hobbit" movie in theaters, what makes me not somewhat omniscient.
... I have GOT to be crazy.
Fine, you're crazy.  I'm sick of arguing.  Can we go to where I'm supposed to take you?
Your art, music, projects and links / Re: New Huzzi Music
February 06, 2005, 07:34:29 pm
I can\'t download Sad/Alone ...

So now I\'m so sad... and, coiencidentally... So alone.
Yes, that one.  \'Tis neato.

What brand is it, andh ow much did it cost you?  also, where did you get that cool little McDonalds sticker?

While on that subject, is it true that Asterix replaced Ronald McDonald as the mascot in France?
if you retire, which i don\'t want you to, let me say that out front, but if you do, can I buy that neat looking guitar i\'ve seen you use in the disembodied clips on FLP off of you?  ::)

Seriously though, stick with the guitar.  it\'s not like that will hurt or anything.
is this album going to make me sad?  you said on your website "i hate christmas" and i don\'t wanna "screw christmas" album.  it\'s a fun time...
i like it.  I REALLY LIKE it.
oh yes, please save me one.

I\'ll send the envelope.
Christ chris, you pump out more stuff than Buckethead!

And it\'s good too!  i like it!

Can\'t wait to hear it!  can we buy hard copies or anything?  it\'d be great to actually support hte huzzi!