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Sold out already. Damn. Nevermind. Bought the standard download.
I had to get in touch with the Pikes customer services as I'd received 13 but not 15, and they were happy to send me another. I may have to wait a while, but it's always nice to listen to fresh slabs. I just want more standard editions released.
I'm so behind, can't afford all these LEs as I'm moving house very soon. I hope the standard editions come quickly!
I don't think I've been more excited to hear a Buckethead album.

Also, the sheer sense of scale of this Pikes collection hit me last night. I always thought ISOT was monumental, and it was, but we're now at number 15 of Pikes and he's showing no signs of slowing, churning each installment out effortlessly. Obviously a lot of time has gone into each one but it's just such a big thing.
Oh my God. What a beautiful photo.
Ordered 13 and 15. Couldn't really stretch for a LE 14 but I'm happy to have bought those two.
I think Buckethead does a pretty good of balancing both. While we're using Metallica as an example, how often do they tour compared to Buckethead? Consider yourself lucky, he's never over on my shores so I have never seen the man himself. I'd take an iPod backing track if it meant seeing him only for an hour, haha.

I'm currently waiting for standard editions, and this elusive part 13.
Maybe 13 actually has a name?
Jesus, I can't afford all this shit at the minute. I'm going to have to wait for standard editions!
You know it - renowned internet humorists mention Buckethead in their column about the craziest ways musicians release their albums. It doesn't say a lot, but I was surprised to see him mentioned, even if it is a little tongue-in-cheek.


It also features interesting shit about The Flaming Lips and Beck. Enjoy.

Number 8 looks ace.
The samples for this one sound MINDBLOWING. I couldn't get #11 at the time but I'm all over #12!
I want to hear this so bad.
Recently I started to follow Frankseuss on Tumblr. For those out of the loop or bad with names, Frankenseuss (Bryan Theiss) is a long time collaborator of Buckethead's, with many iconic album cover designs under his belt. If it's a legitimate account (which I believe it is), this is quite the interesting post:


Buckethead Live In Japan, unfinished art for album that never happened, 2002.

When there was talk of releasing an early live recording of Buckethead I tried to make a kaiju collage using screencaps from his early home videos. In the left background that's his dummy Herbie shooting lasers.

Regardless of whether you knew of this potential release, it's always nice to see older scraps of artwork or previously unseen material. You can follow Frankenseuss too if you have Tumblr.

That's a good point. If anyone wants to buy, send me a PM and we can talk. I didn't check what they'd go for previously.