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I have a theory that Pike 80 will be the last one. Lately, we've had Pikes with very "final" name themes, such as Closed Attractions, Final Bend Of The Labyrinth and (in somewhat of a contrast) Infinity Hill. I think we're drawing to the end of the series. I know many thought the same back in the 30s and 40s but I truly think we'll get something of a close by Pike 80.
So, I'm not going to beat around the bush - this month has been a hard one, both emotionally and financially. As a result, I've decided to part ways with a few CDs that I felt could not only help me out of a slump but also bring joy to people. Amongst them is my beloved collection of Praxis CDs. It kills me to let them go but I don't have a choice.

I have Warszawa, Metatron, Transmutation, Transmutation Live and Sacrifist. I don't know how rare they are or how in demand they are. I don't care. I just want someone who actually appreciates this stuff to have it over eBay, where it may well get lost amongst other listings. I'm selling them for £15 each, but I'm open to offers. I feel pretty shitty doing this as it is, and if I'm treading on anyone's toes or causing offense I'll gladly have this thread close. I just figured I'd let you guys know over anybody else.

Thanks. :)
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Pikes #48 and 49
February 07, 2014, 05:54:03 pm
He's at it again!


These goods keep getting fresher and fresher.
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Pike 42!
December 28, 2013, 10:25:46 am
Pike 42.


Grab it while it's unbelievably hot. These samples sound tasty.
You know it - renowned internet humorists mention Buckethead in their column about the craziest ways musicians release their albums. It doesn't say a lot, but I was surprised to see him mentioned, even if it is a little tongue-in-cheek.


It also features interesting shit about The Flaming Lips and Beck. Enjoy.

Recently I started to follow Frankseuss on Tumblr. For those out of the loop or bad with names, Frankenseuss (Bryan Theiss) is a long time collaborator of Buckethead's, with many iconic album cover designs under his belt. If it's a legitimate account (which I believe it is), this is quite the interesting post:


Buckethead Live In Japan, unfinished art for album that never happened, 2002.

When there was talk of releasing an early live recording of Buckethead I tried to make a kaiju collage using screencaps from his early home videos. In the left background that's his dummy Herbie shooting lasers.

Regardless of whether you knew of this potential release, it's always nice to see older scraps of artwork or previously unseen material. You can follow Frankenseuss too if you have Tumblr.

Things have been tight lately what with a tax mix-up, so while I get that sorted I'm not doing very well for myself, haha. As a result, I've decided to sell on my Praxis CD collection to the fine people here. I was thinking of putting them on eBay, but a few had failed to sell so I thought I'd give you all a chance - I figure I'm better coming to you anyway, as you're fans and know what you're buying.

I have (and am selling):

Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis)
Transmutation Live

I'm selling them for 20GBP each, and I'll post to anywhere in the world. I'll work out shipping if you're interested so you know how much they are all at once. They're in good condition and I believe many are OOP.

If this is frowned upon, I'll request a lock, I just thought it'd be better to come to you first.

Thank you friends, and have a good day!
This is a twist on a common internet game which always brings up interesting results.

Is there an album you always wished Bucket would have made? Super Diorama Theater and Plays Disney aside, there must be something you still have hope for. I see it a lot on the board; "I want another album like ___________ or ____________". Now's your chance to share with us what it would look like to you, and maybe even tell us a little bit about what it would sound like. Go mad with it. Invent song titles that have typical Bucket all over them.

Here's mine.

"From The Nest" is an instrumental concept album similar in style and theme to Inbred Mountain. It tells the story of Buckethead's tortured upbringing in the way only Buckethead can tell it. Just when you're lulled into a gentle pace of content in Buckethead's childhood you're thrown into a terrifying pit of guitar gymnastics, pinch harmonics and palm muted playing that has you nodding your head, confusing even the most experienced of air instrumentalists.


1. Mother Hen
2. Plucked From The Nest
3. Origins Of A Slunk
4. Another Bad Egg
5. Death Of A Farmer
6. Destroy The Cages
7. Million Chicken March
8. Rooster Revolution
9. Meeting Bootsy
10. The Path To A New Life
11. I Still Love My Parents

Track 9 would be a highlight and lifts the mood slightly. After freeing himself and his brothers from the oppressive coop, Buckethead meets Bootsy and lays down a funky jam with dueling guitars and bass, featuring a cameo from Bootsy himself. Think Soothsayer, but with lashings of bass.

The last track is a reprise of the classic "I Love My Parents". A guaranteed tear-jerker.
Finally got me a copy of the CD off eBay yesterday, I currently have a friend over for a couple of afternoon beers so I dug it out and stuck it on. So nostalgic. He's never heard much of Big B, and he says it's like a soundtrack to a film that doesn't exist yet, other than in his own head. That's a fair assessment.

I just wanted to say how nice it is to finally own it, and just how it makes me feel. Beta pumpin'!
Has there been any parts of Buckethead's career that has truly unsettled you and/or inspired you? I remember I was around 16/17 when I started listening to Buckethead. Some of the first albums I had heard from him were Elephant Man's Alarm Clock, Inbred Mountain and Bucketheadland 2. All three had impact, but the last 2 in particular... it was like being in a nightmare, but in the best possible way.

With Inbred Mountain, I had never heard music like that before. It was messy, it was all over the place, and yet it was so well structured I was hard pressed to believe it was done entirely on purpose. With each listen, I picked up something new - a new noise, a new layer altogether. I often wondered how the hell some of those sounds were even made. I'd listen to it on headphones in the dark and I'd just take it all in. I live in the countryside neighbouring the city of Manchester, and my town is very green, strange and full of hills. I'd apply the atmosphere from that album and apply it to what I saw around here. I wouldn't just listen to it. I'd feel it. It sounds like a very strange thing to say and believe, but I actually felt it. Every nuance felt like I was controlling it.

With Bucketheadland 2, well... Christ, what a journey. I haven't heard another album since that's made me feel so excited, scared and actually threatened. At the time, it was petrifying. Every sweep was a dip on a rollercoaster that had rigging just a bit too low. I'd have to duck to avoid damage from guitar gymnastics. I could smell the rotting meat, the sinister undertones and the complete disregard for safety in the name of fun. Every inspiration that Buckethead picked up I could hear here - those horror movies, Japanese cartoons, Disneyland, martial arts. Shit, even hip-hop. I could hear it all.

Share with me your stories about terrifying experiences with Buckethead.
TDRS artists, music and related topics / MERRY CHRISTMAS
December 25, 2011, 07:38:56 am
A very merry Christmas to my fellow bots, to Travis, to Buckethead, Viggo, Lindy and everybody else associated with TDRS. I wish you all the best for 2012. I still remember hearing the Christmas album like it was yesterday, still a great album now and it will always remind me of Christmas.

Thank you, I love you and best wishes!
So let\'s say a friend of yours approaches you, has heard of a man who plays guitar with a bucket on his head, and that\'s all they know. They want you to list off his best songs so they can listen and be blown away. What do you recommend to them, from his entire catalogue? There are minor rules though:

1. Your playlist cannot be more than 1 hour long.
2. Your playlist cannot be more than 15 songs.

I\'d be interested to see what you\'d recommend to someone else, rather than pick the songs that make you tick.
Just tried to order a few CDs and the transaction didn\'t go through, a little message told me it was a server error? I tried again and the same thing happened. All my card details are correct, so I\'m thinking it\'s something temporary on this end.


EDIT: Tried again and still nothing, this was the error message.

QuoteThere has been a Problem outside our Gateway Interface.Params Invoice Number 31326
We apologize for the problem. Please contact Customer Service about this Error.
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Donations
February 21, 2011, 05:39:34 pm
I\'ve just made a donation directly to Buckethead (the amount I won\'t disclose) and was quite sad I wasn\'t able to leave a message, so if you\'re reading Buckethead, that money was for you and I hope you get enough from it to buy a pizza and a few beers. You\'ve had a great year (aside from the back trouble) and we\'ll be with you through thick and thin.

Treat yourself Buck, you\'ve earned it!
So this is an odd topic, but bear with me, because it\'s got a lot of soul behind it.

My mum turns 40 on the 19th of February. She\'s having a party for it and has entertainment booked, it\'s quite a big deal. There\'s food on, a bar, some singers and a stage for them to perform on. It should be a good time for everyone involved.

However, I wanted to take it a bit further, and how better than to pay tribute to one of the greatest musicians of my time - Buckethead. A few days back I ordered a new acoustic guitar (black, classical, 3/4 size to make it easier to play) and I intend to learn a beautiful song to play. I want something with emotion but I don\'t want anything sad.

Here\'s the tricky bit - as far as guitars go, I\'m not brilliant. I\'ve listened to Colma and Acoustic Shards inside and out. I know each song back to front. I want to learn just one song and play it for her on that night, donning my white mask and customised bobble hat in tribute to both Buckethead and my mother.

I need your help in picking a song that\'s not only easy for me to learn but has a lot of heart. I have at least 4 weeks, and while my new guitar isn\'t here yet, I do have others to practice on, so there we are, from one Buckethead fanatic to others, I call on you my fellow slunk wrangling, glow in the dark cattle prodding brothers. Help me make this special for my mum in a way I\'d never think possible!

My only criteria are that it be primarily acoustic and quite simple to play.

Thanks for reading.
Just a thought, but I think it\'d be great to hear a Christmas song by Buckethead, like an assortment of traditional carols condensed into a few minutes. Think of what he did for Michael Jackson last year (similar sort of length). Hearing him snap from Jingle Bells to Deck The Halls would be great and I think it would sound so good on an acoustic guitar. What does everyone else think?
It\'s in no way related to any TDRS musicians but I just wanted to share this.

This is a guitarist called Daniel Varfolomeyev and he\'s playing a blistering performance of Bad Racket, originally by Greg Howe.


I\'m going so far as to say he\'d impress Buckethead. What do you bots reckon?