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Just read every post on this thread as i don\'t always get a chance to check the site for a few days. I keep checking for some more drawings  to go on sale, but i\'m SO excited by the sound of this album from all the great comments on here. Was devastated when i read it was an itunes only release, but then i got to page 6  ;D

Cannot wait for the CD to be available. Nothing against downloads etc.. but i\'ve only done it once or twice, and i\'m like many others here, and appreciate a physical copy w/ cover/liner notes etc.

I personally LOVE "ARDITR" and there are some of you here who feel the same, and have described it as even better!!! That my friends...is something to be excited about  :o

Made my weekend (just finished work here in the UK friday pm, always get lost with the time difference, haha!)

Thanks Bucket & Travis, and thanks to the people who have bought it from itunes for giving their verdicts.
Just ordered both  :D Cannot wait for the CD\'s, and i too am really happy about the Digipack CD\'s!! Thanks Travis & Bucket
QuoteOkay, I\'m not all that demanding. I know tours aren\'t easy, let alone international tours, but I\'ve always been curious why Buckethead hasn\'t played over here on my shores? Is it all to do with fan base and profit? Obviously money is a factor - there\'s not much point if you\'re going to lose money, but I\'d bet there\'s a lot of Buckethead fans in the UK\'s major cities that would pay to see him. Obviously at the moment he\'s out of action, but when I watch these YouTube videos over and over again I can\'t help but think I\'m missing out on something beautiful.

Anyone else here from the UK share my sentiment?


Feel exactly the same way.. i did see Bucket with GNR in 2002 at Leeds Festival (myself & a friend wore KFC buckets on our heads all day as a tribute, they even got through the Slipknot pit, hahaha!), and that was amazing, but i can\'t believe 8 years have passed since that amazing night, and no sign of any UK Tour. I understand the financial factors involved, but it doesn\'t make it any easier. Been listening to Colma all week in my car, and just wish one day i could go and see Bucket here in England and maybe swap a toy (although i\'m not a collector - but i\'d buy one just for him, haha!).

Who knows, maybe once he\'s back on the road, he\'ll come by this little pond and pay us a visit.

Great post "In Search Of The", i\'m sure we\'re not the only ones who share your sentiments.

Come and see us soon Bucket...and get well soon
Awesome news! Think i might wait for the larger batch of drawings to see what others there are, but i can\'t wait to have my very own Buckethead art.

Thanks Travis - and of course Bucket  ;D
QuoteNo worries. We are planning on adding more over the coming weeks.

Hi everyone. This may be my first post (if not second)..i registered a while back, but can\'t remember if i have ever posted. I don\'t always check the forum or site as i usually check bucket\'s releases via the link on his site.

I recently checked the site, but for some reason, had not seen the spinal clock LE or original drawings!! Needless to say, i am now devastated.

I was just wondering if there will be any more drawings for sale, or if the ones that have been sold were the only ones for the near future. Also, and i know this is a long shot...i did read of at least one person on the forums who bought multiple Spinal Clock LE\'s...and wondered if anyone had a spare/duplicate one they would kindly sell to me. I have seen two on e-bay, but the sellers only ship in the USA and i live in the UK.

I was going to order A Real Diamond In The Rough from the site (so happy it is back in print by the way!! Thanks Travis!!), but thought if there will be any drawings for sale shortly, i could order one along with the CD for shipping purposes.

Thanks for reading this, and long live Bucket!! Will never forget getting to see him in 2002 with GNR @ Leeds Festival.