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Wow, thanks Travis! Requiem has arrived here in the UK and can't wait to hear it. Will definitely be ordering a couple of CD's soon so thanks for the coupon.

Though it's quite an honour to be one of only around 20 international buyers of Requiem, it is also a real shame. I hope more people will catch onto this and help an Axiology release on vinyl.
As always, a fantastic treat Travis. Really good to see some Unreleased Thanatopsis being pressed onto CD. Have just placed my order, and like others have said, the shipping to England was the same as the CD itself, but it's a small price to pay for genuine art being independently released.

All I can say is I hope all the US fans are purchasing it too as it's almost half price, this way we can dream of an Axiology LP!

Love TDRS - Take It easy Travis 😉
Awesome! I'd almost given up on it. Still looking, message sent! Thanks man : )
Bingeneer - Although ironically you are not interested in a vinyl copy of the album, I for one am glad you asked the question which has led to some exciting activity, and who knows, hopefully in the not too distant future to a vinyl pressing of a great album.

Like you I also somehow missed out on Shadows.. I don't quite know how as I was always keeping an eye out at the time and was glad to have the opportunity to buy A Real Diamond In The Rough, and even got one of the first Happy Holidays LE's that was used here on the Tdrs site, and the picture is still on Wiki (I never put it there).

But yeah, I agree on missing out on Shadows.. and am always a keen supporter of a repress even if only for the benefit of others, so thank you for at least igniting the spark. I notice we are up a vote.

If anyone is reading this and interested in a vinyl copy of Axiology, and perhaps not registered on the forum, help make it happen. Register and vote, let's keep the interest going. Cheers  :)
Sorry Travis. I was posting at the same time you were but have now removed it as you have addressed some of what I said and more.

I can't argue with anything you've said about the logistics of this and respect you for considering this (and other previous represses I have benefited from) for its artistic merit regardless of any potential financial gains (or not as the case may be).

Clearly though, nobody wants this to have a negative impact on you financially either, and you are right to consider this logically (along with the heart).

I agree that people will hopefully find this if demand is there. I really hope so (not just so I can own a copy but for the grass roots, rock n' roll reasons you mentioned).

Eric - Welcome to the forum! Would there be Amy possibility of this being added to the Population Override blog with a link to the forum? It might be the push that's needed. And don't forget to vote on the poll (same goes for anyone  ;) ) Thanks, keep up the good work.
Quote from: Travis on January 27, 2015, 12:28:12 am
No need to apologize, I appreciate your thoughtful reply.  The more feedback i get the better to allow me to judge the  real interest in this.

Thanks Travis. I would agree with what some have already said. Those buying vinyl today are happy to pay more for a quality 2LP with bonus material etc, so I almost think this would be a safer bet than a cheaper single LP.

Plus like you have said, compilations don't tend to work, and an album has been created to be appreciated as a whole, so chopping songs off to fit one LP would defeat the object I think.

I still believe there will be many that are not aware of this forum or not registered that would buy this, we all need to get their attentions so we can make it happen.

I'm spreading the word.
Hi Travis. Thank you for your reply/update. They are always refreshingly honest and open as well as being informative. I love your willingness to pursue all avenues and to involve us, the fans, in the process.

I know here in the UK vinyl sold over 1M last year, an 18 year high for the medium! I appreciate most of these will not be for the more criminally under-rated artists like thanatopsis, but there is certainly a resurgence in vinyl sales and in the way some are yearning for something more tangible in the digital age we find ourselves in (myself included).

I know you have first hand experience in re-presses and the votes into purchases dilemma. I have been a keen fan of this site for some years now so I don't wish to give you advice on things you are much more knowledgeable on. I would hope however, that there would be more interest in a vinyl release than the poll suggests, it is perhaps a case of everyone here spreading the word.

I think at times (and I have probably been guilty of this), music fans of underground artists (for want of a better phrase) can be very protective of the music they love. This can sometimes lead to not wanting to share information on the latest limited edition run with anyone for fear of not having something rare and exclusive. I would rather shout from the rooftops about this however so I can own a copy myself, rather than no-one having it. I know this seems an obvious suggestion, but sometimes the best solutions are left unsaid and no-one implements them assuming others will.

I had genuinely not thought about the implications of the record length onto vinyl and personally would rather pay more for a quality product. In terms of pricing, $50 in Pounds Sterling seems more than fair to me and is equal to more commercial, more homogeneous releases being released, so I would be more than happy to pay this for a limited edition copy of an album that is deserving of it.

For the record (no pun intended), I would still purchase two even if just so I can own one (though I suspect one very fortunate friend of mine would receive one as a gift).

I apologize to all for the liberties I have taken with the length of this post, but let's all try and spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, other forums etc and make Travis's job that bit easier.

P.S. I'm sure I'm not the only one who weeped slightly at the thought of being so close to a Population Override LP
I would definitely buy 2 on Vinyl, hopefully shipping to the UK would not be too expensive. I would also purchase a CD but would only let me vote once (voted vinyl).

Like many others have said, most people who have voted would be purchasing 2+ copies, so I think a run of 200 would be perfect! Signed/numbered as well...Sounds awesome!

Thanks Travis for even looking into the viability of doing this, really hope it goes ahead.
Thanks both, I really appreciate your replies. I did see the $50 copy on eBay, but sadly the shipping to the UK is $28 and I would have to pay a further $14 import tax, making 1 standard $10 pike a whopping $92! It makes my eyes water, especially since I ordered it and held it in my hand for $10  :(

MuldeR - I know, there's nothing worse is there? Fingers crossed some more copies are made available like you say. You might be right about physical copies after #100. It worries me that the remaining 80+ will be released in one go! I don't have a spare $800+ lol.

Maxen - Thank you my friend, appreciate the good luck  :) and thanks for your compliment, I have to say it made me smile when I thought of it.

All the best  :D
Hi all.. It's been 3 years since I posted on here (a Crime Slunk Scene, I know!)..but I always enjoy a read of the forum.

I'm asking a huge favour I know, but I hope one of you kind bots can help? What seems like years ago now, I purchased the first few Pikes as they were released (1 to 7, then 13 etc.).

I purchased 6&7 around the time of my friends birthday (a buckethead fan, but had no pikes), so when they arrived I thought I would give them to him as a gift and purchase them again for myself at a later date (you can guess where this is going I bet!).

Needless to say, I've recently been trying to add to my collection, even purchasing a few more from TDRS that I hadn't yet purchased (thanks Travis) - I always keep an eye on the Pikes but to my horror I just went to order Balloon Cement & The Shores of the Molokai and had not realised I had waited so long, pike 7 has sold out!!

I am a complete fool, I know, but if anyone has a spare they would be willing to sell for a reasonable price I would be so so grateful. There is one on eBay for $60+ : ( I live in the UK if there's any UK bots that can help, but if not, I would of course cover any shipping/handling.

Sorry for the long post..I know it's a long shot, but I wanted to explain prproperly as it is a genuine request to help out a fellow fan, as I was hoping to eventually have a physical copy of each pike (when they are eventually all released).

Thanks all, Best Regards (see what I did there??)  ;)
Yes yes yes! Thanks, been waiting to hear this for so long! Just ordered my copy : D I love this idea/format for comic book style, numbered cd\'s. Loving the artwork too. On a side note, I met Les Claypool on 12th July after Primus here in the UK (really nice guy, and amazing to meet him). Asked him about Big B and if he knew anything about his health etc.. (though obviously he\'s touring now, so I\'m guessing he\'s ok). Les said he\'s not spoken to bucket in a long time, but added "he\'s a great dude". Amen to that : D
Ordered mine yesterday and cannot wait for this! I love the comic book style adopted, hope there\'s plenty more to come. Not posted on here for a while, but just wanted to add I was SO lucky to have been sent the 2nd Happy Holidays in the pictures with Bucket\'s yellow face! Can\'t wait for the official release of it. Thanks Travis & Buckethead..your hard work doesn\'t go unnoticed by us bots.
Ordered mine earlier when I got home from work. Had about 15 minutes to go online before going out again, and luckily my first (and only) webpage visit was right here. This is an unbelievable gift for the holidays. And after receiving my artwork yesterday...just WOW! Thanks Travis & Buckethead...Happy holidays to everyone here. The nicest and most dedicated forum anywhere.  :)
Ordered mine last week and cannot wait!!! Gonna be some time i think though... Our postal service in the UK is really bad at the moment due to snow... Thought i\'d post mine here though  :) #140

I can\'t believe i received an early xmas present today!!!

Left Hanging, Captain EO\'s Voyage and ARDITR!!!!!!!!!!!

Was not expecting them for some time as i live in England....WOW! Travis, you\'re the best..i\'m loving the albums, and thank you for signing Left Hanging, you\'re a true gent  :)