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Ha tim and Eric, are they still on TV?
How can you tell with out buying?
 :P I don\'t believe in BelieveIntheBucket

  PS: gayness is not an insult
maybe a bit hasty on my part, but i stick by being born 1 generation late 8)
So much for me ever seeing buckethead, but understandable, what is he like 40? or is he "Timeless" i\'m deffinatly 1 generation late ???
Slunks In Space!

The Wally-World Murders

Tears of the Spectre-DCK

Robot of the Year

Day of The Deli Creeps-Deli Creeps

Grease Fried Revenge
I think emotion in music can be interpreted in many different ways (particualy when it\'s instrumental), but I guess I can see "God" as a good possibility.
Most importantly God?, i\'m not touching that one, but there are similarities to Paul Gilbert, so he might have been an influence.
Ha!, that\'s kind of funny and kind of cruel too :(
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: Auction?
February 19, 2010, 11:44:43 pm
This zosod guy appears to be the mayor of rip-offville, a couple of cool, rare items though. If I was half rich I might buy some.
Excellent ;D great program, thanks man.
I like the link, but I can\'t get any of those files because they are "FLAC"? Some sort of read only file, I can\'t find any program that converts them  :( any help?
I don\'t know how many people have seen (or I guess heard) this audio, I recently found just about an entire concert of the Deli Creeps (audio only, along with pictures of course) performing songs from their "new" album at the \'05 10,000 Lakes Festival in Detroit. It was put up on the youtube by this bunghole30 guy, he seems to be a big Creeps fan. How about some mp3\'s or a live EP, make a deal with this guy (probubly not but what the heck) the sound qualitiy\'s great! ;D

You can find these easy on the youtube, Check it out ;D

PS : if this is old news to everybody my bad 8)
Personally I like the feel of a CD in my hands and wouldn\'t download anything at all if i had the money.