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Quote from: DroidHunter13 on August 24, 2012, 02:31:39 am
^^ X, I was going to say the same thing! It's like a tradition for Bucketheadland albums  ;)

mlgudead, at first when I was making my "dream" album, I was thinking that song wouldn't be fit for it. But now that you bring it up, now I'm thinking it could either be "A Bucket of Bones" or "What Mask?"

Or "Thunderstorm at the Graveyard."
Cool idea, here is mine. All song lengths are random, I used this site to get numbers (http://www.random.org/). Since BHL and BHL2 were pretty long I wanted an average of around one hour:

This is a mix of BHL2, CCOH, EMAC, IM, DTTOB and IOLM

1) Return to Bucketheadland - 3:18
2) The Doppelganger - 5:00
3) Bucketbot Rage - 0:45
4) Park Mutation - 2:04
5) Graverobber's Adventure - 1:31
6) The Creamatorium, the Crypt, and the Mausoleum - 3:08
7) Buckethead's Inferno - 3:02
8 ) Ed Gein's Snack Shack - 1:35
9) Enter Robotland Factory - 0:26
10) Clank...Clank...Clank... - 0:21
11) The Hall of Broken Records - 1:32
12) Gummi Guts - 0:58
13) Marzipan Limbs - 0:40
14) Kadbury Kream Eyes - 0:47
15) Bloody Sundae - 0:59
16) Cotton Candy Head - 3:52
17) Gutters at the Chopping Block Restaurant - 0:17
18) Skyway Through the Anti-Matterhorn - 2:40
19) The People Remover - 2:32
20) Warrior Coupes - 1:16
21) Autowrecktopia - 1:25
22) Shingles - 0:14
23) Temple of Deadly Sonic Arts - 0:59
24) Mausoleum Ampitheater - 2:04
25) Death of the Atomic Robotcoaster - 0:49
26) Lost And Found - 0:45
27) Guided Tour With the Hostbot Guide - 0:37
28) Bucketheadland Surgeon Imposters - 0:20
29) Tomb of the Unknown Escapist - 5:13
30) Ferris Wheel Maintenance - 1:08
31) Albert's Pocket Taxidermy Kit - 1:37
32) The Hacked-Off Arm - 2:15
33) The Severed Head Doll - 2:21
34) Dismemberfest - 1:37
35) Make Limbs Fly Off - 1:03
36) The Coop of Horror - 3:05
37) You Cannot Be Found - 4:03

Total Time - 66:18
Quote from: beau810 on August 19, 2012, 08:28:50 pm
Did some research on Molokai... found this info on wikipedia.

"Molokaʻi is distinguished in the Roman Catholic religion as the site of past religious miracles verified and confirmed by the Vatican, and the longtime residence of Father Damien de Veuster, a Belgian priest and Mother Marianne Cope of the Sisters of St. Francis, both of whom have been canonized Roman Catholic Saints for their treatment and care given during the 19th century to long term sufferers of Hansen's Disease, also known as leprosy."

...so it got me thinking about the feeling one would have, arriving by boat, knowing that there are people there with this horrible disease.  Yep, Buckethead, you chose a perfect name for an album.   Can't wait to hear it! 

Check out some photos too... kinda ominous.

Molokai is an island in Hawaii. Maybe Buckethead was chillin at a beach before the tour.
lol, you seem to have travelled forward in time!
How bout: "Ode to the Bucket" by "Albert's Slaughterhouse Chicken Scratch Band (tribute to Buckethead)"
^ and who said that Slash will get credit for it?

and lol Slash can't play it as fast as Bucket...
Quote from: In Search Of The on May 23, 2012, 01:03:43 pm
Finally got me a copy of the CD off eBay yesterday, I currently have a friend over for a couple of afternoon beers so I dug it out and stuck it on. So nostalgic. He's never heard much of Big B, and he says it's like a soundtrack to a film that doesn't exist yet, other than in his own head. That's a fair assessment.

I just wanted to say how nice it is to finally own it, and just how it makes me feel. Beta pumpin'!

thats a unique way of putting it.
^ it is el indio
well nubbins and tempbucketdog, I shall tell you, that I listened to Balloon Cement in youtube already, but I haven't brought the album yet. In fact, whenever a new CD comes up, I always see if I can her some song in youtube before deciding if it is worth or not to buy. What's the point of spending $10 - $15 on something you might just listen to once? Unless you are an avid collector, the money aint worth it if that is the case. And I never have seen any legit sources stating statistics and facts about youtube negatively hindering Buckethead album sales. Unless you can convince me other wise I'd say you are typing purely out of emotion of your concern for the bucket, which is good, but to be frank, if it wasn't for the people uploading songs or videos on youtube, I doubt the Bucketehad fan base would be as large as it is now. Without Youtube, there will be no robotpie, there will be no other tdrs members, there will be no other tk members.
Quote from: Bucketfel on April 30, 2012, 09:30:45 am

I can tell you that i play every single album i have in my collection from start to finish and enjoy every minute of it. (except for Spinal Clock which is an LE and i always wanted one and Green Day's American Idiot. Someone gave me that album i have it purely out of sentimental value) ;D

are you kidding me???? I LOVE GREEN DAY!!!!
dude! Balloon Cement is real!!!! I'll wait for the physical copy. No point in buying the itunes mp3's. I can just import the music from the physical CD. and i get to pay less.
I'm desperate to own a copy of the album.
Quote from: In Search Of The on March 05, 2012, 10:16:07 am
I think Buckethead is long overdue a balls out metal album, the drums that have been programmed for recent releases (the Pikes stuff) have been top-notch and could easily support such a record. I think 3 Foot Clearance was the closest we'd got since Albino Slug and SOTP (brilliant albums again) and I'd love to see a return to that. As good as Pikes were, they were around 15 minutes too short.

totally. bring back CCOH!!!!
Your art, music, projects and links / Re: Post your music
November 06, 2009, 09:55:50 am
wow i would really like to do that. i currently finished composing 14 songs I plan to burn in a CD sometime later:

1) Enter the Bottomless Pit (3:04)
2) Eerie Hallucinations (3:56)
3) Brains Leaking Blood (1:55)
4) Head Trauma (1:25)
5) Humble Picker Shredding Wheat (3:48)
6) The Phantom of the Bottomless Pit (2:56)
7) Ravine Rock Shift (3:23)
8) Ice Pick Lobotomy (0:34)
9) Meet the Flying Pit Monster (2:21)
10) Falling towards Nothing (2:29)
11) Annhilationizm (3:45)
12) Destroyer of Gravity (2:52)
13) Escape from the Bottomless Pit (3:08)
14) Asphodel Meadows (9:14-ends at 4:01 and hidden track starts at 6:00)

well Buckethead is a HUGE influence and i wanted to experiment what it would be like to follow his style :D
that last bucketheadland pic.
if Big B himself had finished recording Bucketheadland 3, then he\'ll probs use that pic and add on some tweaks.