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TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: New Board
February 13, 2012, 04:41:09 pm
I like it  8)
Is there a website where people host all of the art that they\'ve made of Buckethead? I have redrawn all of my ISOT covers onto A4 paper and would like to put them somewhere...
Your art, music, projects and links / ARDitR Wallpaper
February 10, 2010, 10:30:29 pm
I made this wallpaper based on one of my favourite albums. I scanned in both the images but the Lily flower isn\'t the best quality.
The resolution is [size=32]1680x1050[/size], the same as my screen.
Hope you enjoy it!

As Halloween is coming up, I was thinking about making a Buckethead themed pumpkin carving. The problem is, I can\'t seem to find any suitable images for copying from.
So far, I have only really found these three:
A BH T shirt from eBay:
The second BH shirt from the TDRS store:
And a random black and white outline of a photo from DeviantArt:

I have already seen the one hosted here before, and I would copy that, but I\'m not that good. :(
If anyone could show me a simple enough stencil I could use for printing/cutting around, I\'d be grateful.
I might have to add Chicken Noodles to my list.
I got it in the holiday bundle... It\'s incredible. And it\'s signed by Travis! ;D
Electric Tears - (Miles ahead of #2)
Elephant Man\'s Alarm Clock
Population Override
A Real Diamond in the Rough
Enter the Chicken - (A controversial choice, some don\'t like it)
(or Dawn of the Deli Creeps instead of EtC if that\'s allowed)
I like the new store front design. ;D

But the link from the picture of the studio, with the caption "A recording artist workshop" leads to a broken 404 page.
Ah, but M&R isn\'t fully instrumental, though, is it? ::)

Silly geese. ;)
4. Untitled song from GAMH that he only did live once

Hm. If it\'s the one I think you are talking about, I am almost certain that was an early version of Separate Sky off ARDitR.
Some people really disagree though. :P

Edit, This one: ?
I would also like a re-release of Nottingham Lace with the Sultan\'s Massacre intro.
QuoteYou guys...


Travis is busy...leave the man alone. He ain\'t Buckethead\'s keeper...

I like to imagine Buckethead is kept in a jar in the TDRS studio and he is let out on a night time to do whatever he wants as long as he doesn\'t leave a mess in the morning.
^You shouldn\'t completely reject eBay. As a buyer it\'s a great resource for hard to get stuff. Not CDs available here, that\'s stupid. But all the other times it is really good.
It\'s such a shame that talented artists struggle for money when mass-produced crappy pop music with zero talent rolls in millions.
I would also agree with having the donation section more visible, like on eBay sometimes you get prompted to donate to a charity on the PayPal page.
As for raising CD prices, if it\'s needed, so be it. I will still buy the CDs, although like already said, others may not be able to afford it, especially considering the international postage as well (I know that has nothing to do with TDRS, it just adds to the total cost). Then there are the RIDICULOUS UK customs charges. I won\'t go on about those.
I don\'t know about businesses, but could selling shirts via somewhere like Zazzle be an option? That way I don\'t think you need to pay for the production of them but get a small amount back in return.
Also, does it need to be Buckethead songs?

Most of Poets of the Fall\'s discography
SRXT - Bloc Party
Santa Monica - Theory of a Deadman
Avril 14th - Aphex Twin
Time - Deli Creeps
Time - Pink Floyd
Big Sur Moon
Witches on the Heath, and the whole of Electric Tears.
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: This sucks
January 28, 2011, 11:46:52 am
^Fake your death before the court hearing. :P