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I cant wait. Im going to at least 3 shows
i dont think most people realize how awesome the beatles are at first. then one day everyone hears that beatles song that makes it click. Mine was "Happiness is a Warm Gun". I remember thinking that that song was so ahead of it\'s time. I love the white album. However I still think their earliest stuff is too poppy and can easily be passed over.

Honestly it\'s pretty obvious that their music was definitely affected by drugs. If you ask me it changed them for the better, but some bands take drugs and it ruins them. If buckethead did a bunch of drugs i bet he wouldnt be nearly as productive as far as putting out albums goes. Hendrix is a perfect example of someone who benefited from taking drugs but at the same time they really held him down. I\'m sure they helped him a lot as a song writer but not so much as a musician. Hendrix probably would have been the best guitarist ever if he wasn\'t so out of his mind all the time. When your highly intoxicated you just arent as capable as when your sober. But sometimes when your mind is in another place you can write some great lyrics. My point is, be mindful when experimenting with drugs and music.  
i can tell u for a fact that the pickups on his new les paul are gibson pickups with the covers removed. it even looked like the neck pu was painted white at one point. I not sure what he used before but those were gibsons with the cover removed.

are we going to have to write a petition to see thanatopsis live?
on archive.org there is an awesome jam with umphreys and buckethead, you should all check it out.
c2b3 was pretty much a jam band. In fact, pretty much every les claypool show i\'ve been to they jam on a riff for awhile. some jam bands go a little overboard but some aren\'t to bad.
i work for a 72 year old man, and he plays keyboards so I played population override and to my surprise he loved it. cant wait.
i CAN\'T BELIEVE IT. I feel bad for the hitchhicker who gets picked up by him. more deli creeps would be awesome

not too shabby :)
I was wondering who got ISOT #666?
I love it #672.  My Vol. 5 is crazy.

Buckethead, you need a vacation. ;)
I just got my box set and I\'m extremely happy. Buckethead labeled vol 6 and vol 7 both as number 6,but #7 is #7 so I\'m not worried about it.

I also just happened to get lucky because today is my day off.
thanks Travis. Bucket truly is amazing.
I wonder if buckethead had help too. I ordered mine last friday but i haven\'t got it yet and I\'m going crazy. I downloaded it from a torrent site and then I felt guilty so I deleted it. I hope I get it monday