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I found a brand new copy at my local record store for $15.99 I hadn't been there in 5 years and 5 years earlier they had it...I couldn't believe it was sitting there. The same shop had a copy of ISOT for $35 and  LE blueprints for $10. i got the blue prints but couldnt afford the isot at the time...kicked myself but at least I got pepper's now.
I only knew the tracks as they uploaded because the original release was a hand drawn release in a digipack.

No I can confirm that Captain EO is a digipack. Just got mine in the mail today.
Did I miss out on buying this one? was it available through tdrs or elsewhere?
I am glad I have finally had the chance to pick up these two cds. I love this side of bucket's sound and I can't wait to add them into my collection!!! How do you guys feel about these releases?
I\'m actually a proud owner of the LP. I love this side of buckethead. I love it all, but this and Bermuda Triangle are both so cool.
One of my personal favs from Bucket. I also love that is is on vinyl. I have noticed that a few have been popping up on ebay lately. Any proud owners here?
Hoping mine comes soon!
I\'m in. I hope the video doesn\'t have to be live. I want to just record a song and post.
QuoteI was actually going to press "The Dragons of Eden" on vinyl along with the CD. But pressing on 1000 records was prohibitive. The record would have had to have been priced around $20.00 and shipping would have been expensive as well.
And even then it wouldn\'t recover its costs. We often don\'t sell enough CDs to cover costs so the added vinyl is really tough.

Both Chicken Noodles and Dragons unfortunately are probably not good candidates because of the limited interest in them. But there maybe something that is. I would be curious how many would be interested in vinyl.

Yea, I can imagine the prices being high for pressings. To have something like Dragons on vinyl though would be amazing. Maybe a split LP or 45 even could work in helping prices, I dunno. I would get excited over a vinyl release though. It really does seem to be making a big comeback. I rarely buy CDs when I know a LP is also being pressed.

I would think $20.00 is more than reasonable. I would be willing to pay more.
Probably would be too expensive to get pressed and risks or warping in mail would probably be high...But man something like Dragons of Eden, or Chicken Noodles would be so nice to hear on vinyl.

I just picked up Chinese Democracy on vinyl to at least have something with Bucket on LP.
Man, the original Soothsayer is my second favorite Buckethead track, I bet the newest one will be just as amazing.
Yea, I ordered Pepper\'s Ghost back in the preorder days, I think Feb 20th. Hope it comes soon, Empty mailbox is torturing me.
What do you think of a bucket fan who owns about 10 albums, and plans to buy the ones he samples?? Tour only cd\'s do restrict fans. At the shows for elephant man and inbred I wanted to be up front, so I couldnt go to the back to purchase a CD. I haven\'t downloaded any of the cds, but occasionally a track or two pop up on myspace to be listened to.