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Hello Vince,

I am a huge Rocky Fan, and ever since I saw Rocky IV, I cannot say more for my utmost appreciation and respect in your work.  You are a highly talented artist.  The "Training Montage", "Hearts On Fire", and "War" made the movie.  I took notice of every sound effect, and every layer of track in each of these pieces when I purchased the Soundtrack, and in my humble opinion, I place you up there with Bill Conti, John Williams, and James Horner.

I have one burning question that I have been, still to this date, trying to find an answer for.

The version of "War" played in the movie is different than the version released on the Rocky IV Soundtrack.  Is there any way I can get/buy a copy or .mp3 of the exact version used in the movie (without all the grunts, cheers, etc. heard in the background during the scene)?  I have been searching for a copy of this version in music stores and online ever since without any luck.