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great!  I love that one too. love em all.-. mtz style  is very  impressing. !!!!

plz post pics of the NYC mural too!!!  you simply have too...
beautiful pix! thanks for sharing .

Your art, music, projects and links / Re: my paintings
October 03, 2006, 07:43:18 pm
hey marc, glad you posted here. a real good place to show your work, there are many artists around.  :)
I know it´s rewardingto check the board frequently.....this is the proof... :)
thank you travis
hey chris, dl it right now! thanks for posting this - I´ll have a listen tomorrow in my workshop - & get back here and tell you!

thanks again! :) :)
 yep, solo3. my fav. too. thanks for listening! :)
(please dont mind that I posted this on the buckethead.tk board as well.)

I spoke to a friend today and he is a musician. (like a lot of the folks I´m befriended with)

I thought you might want to listen to a few tunes -
here is markus, the violinist


Your art, music, projects and links / Gibson MIII
September 21, 2005, 05:29:56 pm
does anyone of you fine young folks have information about this guitar ?
(when and how many were built..)
a friend got one, I think it´s the MIII deluxe maple/walnut. but we couldnt find much info on the net. so I asked at gibson.com but they only  said the production had been discontinued.
any info is very welcome

 -and I couldn´t find buckethead on their artist list - though I think he likes his white one very much...
lovely tunes. I´m sure she likes it.
it´s hard when a loved one transforms and leaves you behind.

all the best thoughts and a big hug to you
c´mon bucket - play in austria again;
we´re nice people over here - see how we treat the precious  chicken!

thank you,glad you like it!
I did and still do a lot of this collages with poems of writers I like ( rilke, morgenstern, mostly german / austrian poets)
I really wanted to put up the new website with  paintings in august - now I´ m glad when I do it before the year ends...;)


(likes  the khalil gibran quote)
looks very interesting;  cant wait to see the whole piece..

cleaning paintings - , please be careful - I´d be glad to help you. any questions are welcome, please feel freeto contact me.
all the best
 "do you have other work?  i\'d love to see more of your work."

hello gkg,

I checked your website and I really like it -  all of it. ( paintings / drawings/ poems)

I hope my new site is up by august ,have to work out the bilingual version.
the job - related site is still up, only in german - but you can see a few paintings I did . http://www.goldmarie.com

silkscreen - "siebdruck " [in german] , now I know....

gkg - thanks for the exlpanation.

the painting here IS actually a painting, mixed media / techniques but its all painted, written,primed....
thanks for the nice welcome!
but somebody please enlighten me - what is silkscreen?