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General Discussion / Re: Delivery Time
March 18, 2006, 05:46:18 am
thanks for your reply man, i feel a lot better now.

i also ordered Buckethead\'s dvd \'Secret Recipe\' off a Canadian site and that still hasn\'t shown yet either....

but ya, thanks for taking the time to talk to the people ; ;D
General Discussion / Delivery Time
March 18, 2006, 04:26:56 am
How long does it normally take for an order from this site to be recieved?

i ordered \'Bucketheadland 2\' last weekend hoping to get it by friday.

I live in Vancouver, Canada, so I thought it wouldn\'t take too long for a shipment from California.

Anyways, a reply from someone would really help me ride out the wait.
There you have it folks, both dvds are spoken for. Those of you who replied have been sent private messages.


I\'m giving away my copies of Young Buckethead 1 and 2. They are used, but in good condition  :)

This will be done on a first come, first serve basis. 1 dvd per person, and please don\'t reply if you already have them.
Hey Travis, if the spammers are givin\' you a hard time, just let me know.

I haven\'t opened a can of whoop-a** in quite a while. I\'d be happy to help any way I can...preferably violently.
I would if he came to Vancouver, BC.

The closest I came to seeing him was when he came to Seattle (in January?).

Hopefully he can look past the whole B.S when it comes to crossing the Canada-US border. It really sucks now. Everyone\'s a terrosist now apparently.
come on, i said when he is in the studio...WITH TRAVIS

that counts as including Travis.

Hey Travis,

I would just like to know a few things about you and Buckethead. (This wont take long, i swear!)

First, does he talk through Herbie when he is with you in the studio?

Does he wear his outfit (mask, bucket, etc) when he is in the studio?

And one final one (don\'t answer if you don\'t feel like it).
Does he ever go out in public without his outfit?

Thanks Travis! ;D
This one is for my main man Travis.  :)

I know people have probably asked you this question before, but do you have any info on the 2005 Deli Creeps album? What I mean is, do you know what happened to it, and is it ever going to make its way to your site for purchase?

Any info would help. And like always Travis, thanks for being there and listening to everyone and all our dumb little questions. It helps!  ;D
ya, i pre-ordered mine and i was supposed to get it within 3 days of the release......will i ever see it?
ok then children.................

this question is exclusive to Canadians now.

how long does it normally take you to recieve a shipment from the United States?

I know that Travis already sent my package, but how darn long will Canada customs want to **** with me? Seriously, what a bunch of *#$@*$%*@#%%@#%@#%@!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am very angry with them, they made me cry! >:(

UPDATE: I got it on the 21st of March, and Bucketheadland 2 is freakin\' awesome!!!! Thanks Travis!
ok people, i got a question for yous.

I ordered \'Bucketheadland 2\' for $18 USD (Including shipping fees and the works).

I live in Vancouver, Canada. Is my purchase over this limit you guys were talking about for all that extra charges and delays?

I would just like an honest answer. Good or bad, it will still help me sleep at night.
This one is for the head honcho Travis.

If someone wants to make an album, what so they have to do?

More specifically, if I wanted to make an album through TDRS what do i have to send?

Probably demos, some application form about myself, etc. But what is the process one would have to go through if they want to make a record with TDRS?