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General Discussion / Re: happy birthday dragonson
May 11, 2006, 07:58:32 pm
happy birthday, dragonson.

how old are you now?
To follow in the recent trend of "Island of Lost Minds" and "Inbred Mountain"...

Bucketheadland- Lake Smegma
(doesn\'t smegma seem like one of those weird words BH would love?)
The Slunk that Saved the World
Quarter Inch Wedge
The Fall of the House of Slaw
Yea, I have a song repeat too, but it\'s kind of odd. Song 2.8 and 3.2 are the same for me (it has some kind of bell with low frequency noises). The weird thing is 3.2 is a couple seconds longer than 2.8.
Oh well, I got a unique copy I guess!
... I think someone struck a chord with that dude
Whoever made the comment about that 20 album Buckethead torrent is totally right. I mean, 20 cd\'s at once?? You couldn\'t soak in all that music in a year.

But, I\'m sick of hearing people argue that file sharing always hurts an independent artist. If it hurts anyone, it\'s the big boys. Say, for instance, you download a Red Hot Chili Peppers CD. Who hasn\'t heard of them? You know what you\'re about to get, and you aren\'t likely to pay for it.

But the kinds of people that listen to independent artists over mainstream artists are generally the types of people who truly appreciate music, and understand how much some of these artists struggle. Personally, if someone recommends a band to me, I\'ll check them out first (whether I download a CD, get a mix from a friend, or hear them live) before I buy anything by them. If I like what I hear and I expect them to make more music, the logical thing to do is buy the CD. It\'s simple.

Moreover, a guy like Buckethead is totally different. I hadn\'t heard about him through friends, but rather through an article years ago in a guitar magazine. During October of 2005, I read that Buckethead was collaborating with Serj from SOAD, and I wanted to check it out. I downloaded it because I had heard amazing things about Buckethead, but had never actually heard him. Fast forward to today. It\'s only been a year and a few months since this guy revolutionized the way I look at music, and I\'ve already BOUGHT 33 cd\'s (including ISoT and Pepper\'s). And I bought That 1 Guy\'s cd after a concert too. In total, that\'s about 500 dollars from me alone in less than a year and a half. In fact, I originally paid for a digital download of Inbred Mountain at Travis\'s store here, and when I saw Buckethead live last September I bought it out of respect, and so I had a hard copy of it since Buckethead means so much to me.

I\'m quite sure there are others exactly like me, just like I\'m sure there are people who download his stuff and never pay for it. But the people who don\'t pay for it would likely never discover him in the first place. I\'m not saying that justifies anything, but it\'s a point to ponder when you could lose hundreds of dollars in sales from guys like me.
Or maybe the next will be Bucketheadworld??
A lot of people have said it\'s P-Sticks. He\'s mentioned in the credits, but other than that I don\'t actually know anything about P-sticks.
Hey, just to let you guys know, I\'m not trying to create havoc here or anything, I just wanted people to be careful. 200 dollars is a freakin ton of money. But, if we can get some kind of confirmation from Travis, then that will no doubt be $200 well spent.

And Travis, could you at bare minimum provide an average playing time for the set? .... pretty please?

Oh, and I was joking about the whole "Tunnel" thing
Word on the street is that all of the CD\'s are like Death Cube K\'s "Tunnel" cd.
Totally off topic, but Bucketbot, I love your signature. Nature Trail rules! (oh jesus, that wasn\'t a space bug... that was my uncle Mortimer!)
If it\'s possible, C.S.S is like a cross between EMAC (in terms of the leads) and Monsters and Robots (in terms of the song structure being a little simple when compared to his other CDs).
Personally, I think some of the songs would be perfect candidates for "Enter the Chicken II." For instance, Gorey Head Stump 2006 (love that name) and The Fairy and The Devil could use a little more variety, and I think vocals could add a lot to them.
I got it last night at the show in Northampton, MA. They actually played a lot of the songs from it during the set. This was my first BH show.
I\'m only halfway through so far, but here\'s what I can tell you about CSS. Some great riffs, pleasure to listen to, but it\'s lost that whole manic, constantly changing aspect from Kaleidoscalp or Inbred. I guess it\'s a natural progression from EMAC (though no "Final Wars"/"Lurker" quality songs yet.)
I agree with Indra. While EMAC is incredible, I think Inbred Mountain is leagues beyond it (I actually consider it my favorite cd of all time). I think BH finally nailed the whole avant garde concept with it.
While some parts of cd\'s like Kaleidoscalp or IoLM kinda lose direction, every second of every riff on Inbred Mountain is incredible. You can almost "see" what\'s going on in the songs (no, I don\'t do drugs). I could talk about it forever.