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just like every one else said, nice pics.
Quote- if i don\'t post it by the 4th of July, call me on it!!  


No problem, I\'ll do it. :)
So, when will we see it finished ? I\'m impatient, I know. :)
I agree with oldfolkie, that seems to be very good, I want to see the end result, please.
Cool, I adore music gear. 8)
Your art, music, projects and links / Re: kakgoul acid
December 07, 2005, 08:41:45 am
I can hear you have some fun with that TB 303, now sell it to me, please. ::)
It sounds good but you need to find a good drummer, the drum machine gives your tracks a cold zombie feel, it\'s too mechanical, I\'ve got the same problem with my recordings. Other than that everythin\'s OK  8)
Quoteyour looking to spend at least $1000+ as there very sought after now-a-days
Yeah, I know thye\'re not given (unfortunately :)) but as you say it\'s worth its price.
Thanks a lot Criss, first of all for this lil\' cool funny sounding stuff you posted, but also and especially for showing this machine. I\'ve been searching for it\'s name for weeks now, cause I wanted to buy one but couldn\'t remember the name. Now thanks to you I knoww where to look for it. :-*
I would if I had money, but I\'m broke right now. :-*anyway
It sucks!  ;) No I\'m just kidding, your paintings are very good, I really like your style. I\'m not that much into photographs( and horses, sorry :-[) but they\'re good too. We can see you master your thing, cool.
Political and Social Discussions / Re: Voices of Courage
December 31, 2005, 07:13:09 pm

so it was european crusaders that justified bin ladens gang murdering thousands of american CITIZENS in a cowardly attack?
seriously though i disdain war/violence as much as anyone here but to think that murderous dictators such as hussein and religious zealots like bin laden can be dealt with through diplomatic means in pure delusion.

The US government could have had diplomatic dilog since the Bush family and the Ben Laden family were in contact for business. They could have had diplomatic dialog with Saddam Hussein since it\'s the US government that put him in place and supported him ( like they supported talibans in afghanistan) a while ago to fight against Iran.

There is no war (there has never been any war) waged to liberate people, it doesn\'t exist. War is always waged to dispossess other countries of their natural riches.
Political and Social Discussions / Re: Dick
February 25, 2006, 08:02:15 am
I\'ve got an important message to deliver to Mr Cheney:

[size=32]Is not[/size]
Pointing out the negative facts about a country doesn\'t mean you can\'t accept its positive facts, but I don\'t see anything positive in giving up your rights for some pseudo security. The USA is a great country and most US citizens are like the others, they wanna live in peace, the problem is there\'s always someone to justify the silliest decisions made by the government (it\'s the same in my country, mind you).

Perhaps I sounded a bit rude to you, but I\'m tired of being told that the US foreign policy is a model to follow when the contrary is evident as soon as you know a bit of History and I\'m tired of seeing intelligent people believing lies because they\'re afraid to face reality (or they\'re too lazy to look for information or whatever other reasons) and I\'m tired of the USA\'s acting the sheriffs of the world with no legitimacy to do it.

Besides I don\'t think being from different country disqualifies anyone from having a valid view of the situation in another country. I\'ve noticed that people are often not completely aware of what happens in their own country and that\'s a drag cause it\'s so easy to get valid information nowadays. Now there are still those who have the information but don\'t want to believe it for some reason.