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WOW I was totally wrong, nobody does silkscreen anymore,


check out gigposters.com

mostly silkscreen\'d

tho original art is best ;D
cool stuff...thanks for sharing with us :)
do yu ever feel like you\'re talking to yourself?

if so...dont worry cause i have been reading jus not respondin\'
QuoteThat guy is way too short. Just look at the pic, he is like a midget.  ;D

the guys is way over 6 foot..  

The residents once had Snakefinger as a guitar player for whoever said the rez were not known for guitar stuff.. :-)

But if you watch any videos from 2011 tour u can tell the guitar player is super tall.  


look at the vein on the guitar players hand..  

maybe just wishful thinking but I love the residents.  I must see them this tour BIg b or not.
all hail the glory that is Big B!
youtube is for people to  upload videos they have created.  That is youtube and that is what youtube is all about.  The reason it is called youtube.  It\'s not for someone to upload songs from albums, other peoples videos etc.

It has nothing to do with ego.  Youtube is a place for people to create something and upload.  When someone creates something and someone else uploads it to youtube and takes credit for it is lame.

I for one only upload video i have personally made.  Not others work.

yes really .. otherwise I would not have stated thats what I thought.

I dont like feeling seasick while watching boots, The closest angle is not always the best, and changing cameras/ camera angles every 5 seconds is a bit much, its not  a snowboarding video, its a concert.

this is only one angle http://vimeo.com/15037655

For some reason i feel you are jealous of that nice video you have not seen.

It is a concert, Most people get bored with one angle and bad audio.

the difference is these are not bootlegs like you  are used to.  The more angles the better imo.  One of my favorite live concert recordings was filmed with 20 angles and has about 30 cuts per minute.


4. That dude who may have caused this has some nice looking footage but it is the worst edited footage I have ever seen, virtually unwatchable.  


I never understood why people uploaded other peoples work.  If you want to upload some videos..buy a camera and do it yourself.
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: LE complaints
September 16, 2010, 09:05:20 pm
No complaints here

  I give thanks to Buckethead!
BigB and Bernie at the ohio show last week

and some sick sociaLybrium...

btw..bernie and BlackByrd McNight are great togther!  Go see them live and get the CD when it comes out!
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: T-Shirts?
November 10, 2007, 05:56:32 am
personally i think the design is to big.

I\'d like to see a Buckethead shirt that is  designed by bucket.

It\'s real!  I know who this seller is.  He needs money now to pay some bills.  I think he has some other stuff that he\'s going to list next week also!
Quotethe buckethead painting is...disturbing. is he a tortured soul or what?

hrmmm i missed these auctions....what exactly was the buckethead painting?  And how much did it sell for?

i would love to score some bigB art.